Mother’s Day Gift

LAST UPDATED: Dec 10, 2019 | PUBLISHED: Apr 28, 2012 | By: Julie Blanner
Years ago, I planted flowers with my mom – often on Mother’s Day.  When I was older, she would pick out the plants and tell me where she would like them planted.  I surprised my mom by planting pansies and hyacinths at Easter the Spring she passed away.  A couple of times, I have even planted flowers for my mother-in-law on/for Mother’s Day.  I have decided to start a tradition this year with Adalyn {and Aniston} to do this every year for her Mother’s Day gift.
We chose begonias and impatiens because they are favorites of hers and we know from past years that they grow well in the two areas we were planting.
I dug each hole, then Adalyn dropped the plant in…
and spread the dirt around the flowers.  Yes, that’s a Chuck E Cheese tattoo…from her visit there with Grandma and Grandpa yesterday!
While Adalyn really enjoyed helping…
she kept herself occupied blowing bubbles while I dug holes…
and maybe played a little as well!  When I told Adalyn we were planting flowers, she grabbed a bonnet and her wellies.  Planting essentials?
We had a great time together.  I hope that my mother-in-law enjoys them as much as we enjoyed planting them for her!
Happy Mother’s Day!