A Flower Vase for Every Occasion

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  • A flower vase for every occasion to create effortless flower arrangements for your home, entertaining, and parties.

    flower vase

    I love arranging flowers to disperse throughout our home to enjoy daily as decor, when entertaining, or having overnight guests. I also really love a great vase that makes arranging flowers almost effortless. 

    best flower vases

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    Upon request, I’m sharing a few of my favorite vase ideas with you today! To be honest, I rarely invest in an expensive vase and sometimes even turn to something unconventional to use as a flower vase, but these standards are perfect for everyday flower arrangements.

    Most of the vases I use are really inexpensive, coming in between $3-10! Rather than filling your cabinets with florist vases in undesirable or dated shapes, fill them with a few classics you can turn to for an easy last-minute flower arrangement.

    What flower vase to use?

    Some flower vases are easier to arrange in than others – I’m breaking down my favorites including a cylinder vase, small cylinder vase, bud vase, hurricane and more!

    Cylinder Vase

    cylinder vase

    A cylinder glass vase is timeless and classic and is the most versatile for a large flower arrangement without requiring an excessive amount of stems. It’s easy to work with. This vase is just $4.99 in stores at Target.

    You can find tutorials using a cylinder glass flower vase here:

    Small Cylinder Vase


    A short cylinder glass vase is also timeless, classic and easy to arrange in, but requires more flowers to fill it out. You can learn how to create a flower arrangement in a short cylinder vase here.

    Hurricane Vase

    hurricane vase

    Footed vases are always a favorite for a dramatic look {without the effort}. You can learn how to arrange flowers in a pedestal vase with these easy tutorials:

    Bud Vase

    bud vases

    Bud vases may be my favorite. Just a bloom or two in a bud vase can bring a room to life. These are a few of my favorites:

    Step by step tutorial to make a summer centerpiece in just 10 minutes {without any floral skills!}

    As I mentioned before, anything is a vase as long as it can hold water. Here are a few untraditional flower vase ideas:

    flower vases

    Learn to become your own florist here



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