Easter Centerpieces

A beginner's guide to arranging flowers - learn how to make this beautiful basket of blooms with step by step instructions

Even if you don’t have any floral experience, a beautiful fresh flower arrangement can be easy to create – even with accessible flowers! I’m always enamored with the work of floral designers like Studio Choo & Amy Merrick, but those coastal blooms aren’t always available in the midwest & when they are, they’re usually a 30 minute drive away at a wholesaler downtown. Today I’m sharing 7 easy Easter centerpieces I’ve created over the years, all created with grocery store flowers!

7 Beautiful Easter Flower Ideas

This whimsical Easter centerpiece was created with a free cheese box from the grocery store {ask yours, they often just dispose them & will save them upon request}, dyed & natural hardboiled eggs & 1 bunch of tulips. Get the details to create your own here!

7 Easter centerpiece ideas you can create yourself in minutes

This edible idea is often overlooked, but dessert can double as a centerpiece, saving you both time & money! Give a cake a little height with a pedestal & add a beautiful bloom to make a statement. See more here.

7 Easter centerpiece ideas you can create yourself in minutes

7 Easy DIY Easter Centerpieces

This arrangement is just a julep cup & 5 beautiful peonies. Simple, yet stunning!

7 easy do it yourself Easter centerpieces

Lengthy tables can be a bit more challenging – a centerpiece may not make the table feel full enough. Consider creating a table runner like this one with jasmine & waxflower.

Beautiful flower arrangement in just 10 minutes

Or this spring floral table runner made with Meyer lemons.

7 Easter centerpiece ideas you can create yourself in minutes

Vintage glasses filled with a single hydrangea trail down the table beautifully without effort.

Easter table setting

Oh, and that basket of tulips? Get the tutorial here!

Simple summer centerpiece made of citrus - get the easy DIY details!

Learn how to make this edible centerpiece with ease in just 5 minutes!

Casual Easter entertaining ideas



I also love drawing from the decor in our home – like this potted rosemary. It blends well into the Easter decor & is completely effortless!

Which is your favorite?



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