Get all the details to make your own Easter flowers, centerpieces and Easter table decor with spring flowers from your local grocery store or floral shop. Find the perfect flower arrangements for an Easter celebration or Easter gift! 

Learn how to shop your own home for Easter table decor that anyone can make, affordably! Here are 13 DIY Easter flower projects that you can accomplish in just minutes.

Yellow tulips in a woven basket.
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Even if you don’t have any floral experience whatsoever, a beautiful fresh flower arrangement for your Easter table decor can be simple to create – especially with accessible flowers!

I’m always enamored with the work of famous floral designers, but those fabulously luxurious coastal blooms aren’t always available here in the Midwest.

Even when they are, they’re usually a 30+ minute drive away at a wholesaler downtown… and that’s just not always realistic for our busy lifestyle.

Today I’m sharing NINE easy Easter centerpieces I’ve created over the years, all created with grocery store flowers! Get all my floral tutorials throughout the years right here.

You’ll find a variety of easy-to-accomplish ideas, learn where to buy your Easter flowers, what blooms to choose, and links to simple tutorials for putting them together! 

Even better, I’m sharing my favorite sources to help you set the table for Easter, covering all your bases for Easter table decor this year. Get inspiration and sources for flatware, dinnerware, drinkware and more!

Check out my favorite Spring Wreaths in this incredible round-up for even more seasonal inspiration!

white tulip arrangement for easter flowers on a marble countertop

The Best Types of Easter Flowers

I have so many favorites for the spring season, it’s hard to list them all! However, I can certainly say that the most common blooms in March and April are the ones I always tend to use.

This is simply because they are so inexpensive and accessible at my local floral sources. (i.e. grocery stores!) There are many popular Easter flowers, including the following:

  • tulips
  • hyacinths
  • hydrangea
  • herbs
  • lilies
  • roses
  • ranunculus
  • daisies
  • daffodils
A set dining room table with easter flowers for a centerpiece.


  • Choose flowers that look good in low, easy-to-see-across centerpieces. I spent many years of my early career as an event designer, and I noticed that guests always preferred the lower, more intimate table settings.
  • Add eggs to table decor – they are the ultimate sign of spring and so inexpensive.
  • How to be Your Own Florist – These are my favorite tips and tricks for designing that I’ve acquired over years of practice! I’m not a florist, but I pretend to be one!
  • Trader Joe’s flowers– Learn all about how to choose grocery store flowers, what to look for, and more!
  • How to Arrange Tulips
  • Learn how to Create a Grid on a Vase

One of my best entertaining tips is to shop from your home. That’s right – I bet you already have so many items that could work for a beautiful table! 

easter bunny cakes

Easy Easter Flowers

Here are just a few of my favorite ideas for Easter flowers! Most of these arrangements include easily accessible, inexpensive blooms.

Do yourself a favor and go searching for something fresh and new this year! Towards the end of this post, you’ll find sources for all the items you need to complete your Easter table decor!

Let’s get started with these pretty Easter tables!

Potted Herb Centerpiece

I love drawing from the decor in our home – like this potted rosemary. It blends well into the Easter decor and it’s so wonderful to have something to re-use later!

Check out this charming garden-inspired centerpiece that features all the magic of spring with fresh potted herbs you can enjoy for months to come!

Potted herbs in clay pots as an Easter table decor idea

Easter Egg Centerpiece

This whimsical Easter table decor was created with a free cheese box from the grocery store {ask yours, they often just dispose of them and will save them upon request}.

I then added dyed and natural hard boiled eggs and one bunch of tulips. Get the details to create your own here!

7 Beautiful Easter Flower Ideas

Cake Centerpiece

This edible idea is often overlooked, but dessert can double as a centerpiece, saving you both time and money! Give a cake a little height with a pedestal and add a beautiful bloom to make a statement.

See more here. Who wouldn’t love their Easter arrangements to include a delicious dessert?

A close up of an Easter decorated cake on a table.

Easter Table Runner

Lengthy tables can be a bit more challenging – a centerpiece may not make the table feel full enough. Consider creating a table runner like this one with fragrant jasmine and waxflower.

7 easy do it yourself Easter centerpieces

White Ranunculus Easter Flowers

Ranunculus are at their very prettiest in spring, generally peaking in late April in terms of their huge, fluffy heads! Learn how to make this simple arrangement of white ranunculus to grace your Easter table or bring as a hostess gift.

how to arrange ranunculus

Fresh Floral and Lemons

What about this charming spring floral table runner made with Meyer lemons? I love an edible centerpiece with a secondary use!

Beautiful flower arrangement in just 10 minutes

Carnations Easter Table Decor

Don’t overlook the humble carnation! This beautiful bloom is fluffy, fragrant and can last for weeks! Especially in such a faded, antique color, how can you resist?

Antique Pink carnation arrangement on a brass bar cart in a cream room.

Hydrangea Centerpieces

Fill vases with simple stems of fluffy hydrangea in any color. These full heads create beautiful arrangements with zero effort.

Vases or jars filled with hydrangea trail down the table beautifully without any effort at all. Get all my favorite tips for designing with hydrangeas here!

A table set up with water views for al fresco dining.

Tulip Basket Centerpiece

Oh, and that buttery yellow basket of tulips? Get the full tutorial and learn how to make this for your table – it’s so much easier than you might think!

Easter table setting

Small Tulip Arrangements

This spring table features the simplest tulip arrangements and fresh blue and white monogrammed china. You won’t believe how easy this is, with inexpensive tulip bundles available anywhere!

easter bunny cake

Citrus Centerpiece

Learn how to make this edible centerpiece with ease in just five minutes! When your centerpieces include fruit or veggies, they have the ultimate second use after your guests have gone home!

Simple summer centerpiece made of citrus - get the easy DIY details!

Tulips and Roses

This centerpiece or floral design for a gift is so charming and special! Learn how to design Easter flowers in any color scheme with this inexpensive, pretty arrangement.

A clear vase full of roses and tulips for an Easter table decor arrangement

Stock Flowers

Stock is another floral variety that is humble, inexpensive, and yet so fluffy and beautiful. It’s easy to arrange these pastel colored beauties in a vase (or several) and arrange them down the center of your Easter table decor.

A white stock flower arrangement in a clear glass vase on a marble surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Easter Flowers Poisonous?

Several traditional Easter blooms are considered poisonous to pets, unfortunately. Specifically, Easter lilies can be deadly to your cats. This article is a great reference if you’re concerned about bringing these fresh cut Easter lilies into your home.
Luckily, so many other popular Easter flowers are safe, and there are plenty of other options to grace your table in the spring!

What Easter Flowers Are Best For Centerpieces?

Hydrangeas, tulips, and hyacinths are all flowers that tend to look beautiful on their own. The don’t need extra greenery, fillers or other flowers to make a statement. 

Where to buy Easter Flowers?

Many of your local florists will offer a cash and carry discount program too, so if you have one nearby, support these small businesses when you can!
In the spring months, you’ll have many options for buying your Easter Flowers. My guide to buying fresh flowers is the ultimate resource for shopping for beautiful blooms!


Easter table decor on a long farm table with a brass lantern above

As always, you can find a lot of my favorite floral design vases and supplies in my shop both here on my site and on Amazon.

Looking for even more beautiful floral centerpiece ideas for your Easter table and beyond? Flowers are one of my very favorite things and I have so many fun design concepts!

Visit the floral design category of the blog right here.

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