Learn the keys to creating floral arrangements with gorgeous, fluffy white ranunculus flowers. Designing a ranunculus centerpiece is simple with these easy tips and tricks.  

A bouquet of white ranunculus in a glass vase on a white kitchen countertop.
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If you’ve been reading my blog for long, you know my love for beautiful blooms. I love bringing fragrance and style into my home by creating my own floral arrangements.

Yes, it’s a splurge to buy those blooms at the grocery store, but they bring me so much joy! It’s like my own personal therapy session every week.

I love sharing all the floral secrets I’ve learned with you, too! I’ve shown you how to make an arrangement of roses and eucalyptus, how to revive hydrangea, and all the details about everyone’s perennial favorite, peonies.

White Ranunculus arrangement in a glass vase on white surface.

Fluff White Ranunculus Blooms

One of my favorite spring flowers of all time? Fluffy, romantic white ranunculus blooms.

Actually, I love them in all colors, but the white will always have my heart. They are sturdy, petally, and luscious. And BONUS! If you treat them well, they’ll last quite a long time in a vase.

A stove top oven sitting inside of a kitchen
White Ranunculus, Ranunculus Centerpiece

Where To Buy White Ranunculus Flowers

These beautiful blooms are often available at your local grocery stores. Their prime season is early spring, but you can find them throughout the year (at a more premium price!).

February through May is their season for peak beauty and affordability, and in my experience they look their very best in April.

For an excellent resource on where to buy flowers, check out this post! Since I frequently tend to buy my ranunculus at our local Trader Joe’s, I know you’ll find them at your local flower shops or grocery stores as well.

You can also study up on how to choose grocery store / Trader Joe’s flowers here. If you need a large bulk purchase of white ranunculus, consider an online resource like Fifty Flowers. They ship beautiful blooms right to your door! 

White Ranunculus For Weddings And Events

One of my favorite features of white ranunculus is that they offer so much flexibility. While they can create stunning, elaborate centerpieces and bridal bouquets, they look equally charming and unique in a bud vase, completely on their own.

Their fluffy petals also work so well for personal flowers in weddings. They are classic and timeless for boutonnieres and bridal bouquets!

Ranunculus combine beautifully with other blooms and greenery of all kinds. You can incorporate white ranunculus for a ranunculus centerpiece, or virtually anywhere else for your events and they will be the star of the show. 

White Ranunculus Centerpiece in glass vase in a white kitchen

How Long Do Ranunculus Last?

In my experience, they can last anywhere from three days up to 10 days or more! Often they have an outstanding vase life, but it truly depends on the quality of bloom you purchase.

If your ranunculus have traveled too far and already spent their vase life in a box or bucket before they get to you, they won’t last long. 

What to Look for in Ranunculus

  • Sturdy Stems
  • Bright Green Stems – Avoid any browning.
  • Tight Buds and Blooms – Fully blooms will have a very short lifespan.


Change the water frequently to extend the lifespan of ranunculus.

White Ranunculus flower Centerpiece close up image

The Difference Between Peonies And Ranunculus

Peonies and ranunculus both are both fluffy, but have very notable differences:

  • Fragrance – Peonies have a heady fragrance, but ranunculus have very little.
  • Stems – Peonies have woody stems, while ranunculus stems are fragile.
  • Blooms – Ranunculus are famous for their cupped, rounded, flat shape that are tightly bound, opening fuller as they age. Peonies have delicate, tissue-like petals with more space between each petal, growing significantly larger as they bloom.

Florists often integrate ranunculus, garden roses and peonies into arrangements similarly, due to their ruffled style.

White Ranunculus flower centerpiece close up image

When you’re creating a low centerpiece in a cylinder vase like this one, you might want to tape your vase in a grid pattern. Learn how right here or watch the video below!

For this centerpiece, I chose white ranunculus, bupleurum (the bright green fluttery filler), blue thistle and eucalyptus. Learn the florist secrets here.

White Ranunulus Centerpiece on a white marble surface.

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