Get simple and beautiful Easter decorating ideas for every area of your home. It doesn’t take much to bring the feeling of spring and fresh new life into your home with these simple touches of Easter decorations! 

brunch bar set up on a white buffet with easy Easter decorations
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Originally published March 27, 2018 and updated March 25, 2021.

As with any holiday, we don’t go all out with decorating. I can still remember all of the trinkets my mom would pull out for each holiday. Some decorations included trinkets my sister and I made like washcloth bunnies, ceramics my mom made, a cute garden stake and table cloths.

It certainly seemed like a lot of effort to drag all those containers of decor out for such a short season, but I know it brought her a lot of joy.

To this day, I like to integrate a few Easter decorations into our home! Sometimes I’ll add items that are a little more spring than specifically Easter, so we can enjoy them for an extended period of time.

I truly love the traditions of celebrating Easter – it’s such a joyful time of new beginnings! You can find my guide with 125 of the most memorable Easter recipes, and get inspiration for Easter table decor as well! 

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A small children's table decorated for Easter.

My Favorite Easter Decorating Ideas

With each new season I make little changes in the decor to give our home a refresh without having to completely redecorate. It’s true… I am a minimalist at heart and I really believe that restraint is the key to a big impact for little effort.

When your home is simple and clean, you’ll appreciate any unique elements so much more! You can read more about my minimalist approach to seasonal decorating, along with all my favorite ways to ease into minimalism

A wooden surface with sweet printable Easter decorating card ideas.

While I enjoy decorating, I have never been one to enjoy the process of getting out a lot of decor from storage and putting away the season before. This is one of the many reasons I transition our home with a few key pieces that offer a lot of impact.

Easy Easter Decorations

The girls really enjoy having Easter decorations in their rooms. And honestly, why not? If it brings them joy, let’s add a few simple touches that make the season even sweeter.

Next year I’m hoping to find or make a beautiful Lenten calendar – why should Advent calendars have all the fun? Until then, here are a few easy last minute Easter decorating ideas you can incorporate into your home this spring!

easter decor in a little girl's room including a cute pink bunny pillow.
  • A bunny pillow! This adorable bunny pillow is truly timeless, but a great way to update a bedroom for spring. The best news? It’s just $5!

QUICK TIP: Neutral, solid bedding is the easiest way to switch things up seasonally. It makes it so easy to add a simple pillow or change of sheets for a whole new look! 

A white girl's bedroom with a cute bunny pillow on the bed for simple easter decorations

Of course, in Ani’s room we’ve also incorporated the bunny pillow I purchased for Adalyn last year {from Peony and Sage}.

A white girl's bedroom with a bunny pillow for easy Easter decorating.
  • The girls also like to decorate their own pin boards – I’ll print a few free vintage printables for them to pin up. (Find this charming bunny in a card format right here.) These are such an easy, flexible way to change your decor seasonally. They are always shifting throughout the year and I love to see what they add on their own! Sometimes, I do it for them 😉
A girl's dresser in a white bedroom, Easter decorating ideas on the pinboard.
  • Pin boards also make excellent backdrops for your Easter buffets, dessert displays, and serving areas! Why put pins or tape on your walls when you can make a simple statement in this way? 
A brunch bar set up on a white dresser, happy easter banner for simple easter decorating touch.
  • Tulips are the star of the show in our home this time of year. They’re effortless to arrange, last for several days and remind me of Easter. You can learn how to arrange tulips here.

QUICK TIP: I love using tulips for spring and Easter centerpieces – they are always in vases throughout our home because they are so cheerful and incredibly inexpensive in March and April! 

white tulip arrangement in a glass vase in a white kitchen
  • A basket of tulips makes a beautiful centerpiece and takes just a few minutes! You’ll be amazed at how easily you can throw this look together- I promise! 
A wicker basket filled with pale yellow tulips.
  • This time of year you’ll always find a few bunnies strung along a table, accenting an end table or wherever the girls last played with them. Who can resist those sweet faces? (The girls and the bunnies, both!)
easter decorating ideas on a dining room table filled with egg cups and tiny straw bunnies.
  • Egg cups with a few flowers also make great last minute Easter decorations. These can be used in your Easter table decor or anywhere in your home that you want to add a little Easter charm- even a bathroom sink would be perfect! 
Easy & beautiful ways to integrate Spring into your home | Spring Decorating Ideas via
  • A few years ago, I found these pretty little nests. They’re added throughout the house in areas like our bookcases, dressers & shadow boxes. A sweet little rustic bird’s nest can be incorporated into your Easter decorating anywhere in your home! Add these to a side table, your dining room centerpieces, or anywhere you want a touch of spring cheer!
art over nightstand for a simple easter decorations idea
A print of a bird's nest with eggs for an easy easter decoration idea, in a gold frame.
  • Again, I change out my art work in any of our frames (the one above is from Graphics Fairy)… it just takes a few minutes, but offers a fresh appearance without adding clutter.
Two glass apothecary jars filled with wooden pastel eggs.
  • Add charming wooden eggs to any container in your home! Why not throw a few into apothecary jars like these, or in a bowl on your coffee table? 

I think Easter is the easiest holiday of all to decorate for. Maybe that’s because I am naturally drawn to soft pastels that fit right into the palette of Easter Colors? 

Planning a holiday dinner menu? Don’t skip my incredible round-up of 40+ Easter Side Dishes! You can find all of my Easter table settings, flower arrangements and fun recipes here! Hope you have a beautiful Easter!

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