Simple Easter Decorating Ideas

LAST UPDATED: Apr 30, 2019 | PUBLISHED: Mar 27, 2018 | By: Julie Blanner

Simple and beautiful Easter decorating ideas.

brunch bar

As with any holiday, we don’t go all out decorating. I can still remember all of the trinkets my mom would pull out for each holiday. Some decorations included trinkets my sister and I made like washcloth bunnies, ceramics my mom made, a cute garden stake and table cloths.

It seemed like a lot of effort for such a short season, but I know it brought her a lot of joy. I like to integrate a few Easter decorations into our home, some that are a little more seasonal so we can enjoy them for an extended period of time.

The girls really enjoy having Easter decorations. Next year I’m hoping to find or make a beautiful Lenten calendar – why should Advent calendars have all the fun? Until then, here are a few easy last minute Easter decorating ideas you can incorporate into your home this spring!

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A bunny pillow! This adorable bunny pillow is truly timeless, but a great way to update a bedroom for spring. The best news? It’s just $5!

easter decorations

In Ani’s room we’ve also incorporated the bunny pillow I purchased for Adalyn last year {from Peony and Sage}.

easy spring updates - changing pillow covers and throws

The girls also like to decorate their pin boards – I’ll print a few free vintage printables for them to pin up.

easter decorating ideas

Sometimes, I do it for them 😉

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Tulips are a large part of our home this time of year. They’re effortless to arrange, last for several days and remind me of Easter. You can learn how to arrange tulips here.

tulip arrangement

A basket of tulips makes a beautiful centerpiece and takes just a few minutes!

A beginner's guide to arranging flowers - learn how to make this beautiful basket of blooms with step by step instructions

This time of year you’ll find a few bunnies strung along a table, accenting an end table or wherever the girls last played with them.

easter decorating ideas

Egg cups with a few flowers also make great last minute Easter decorations.

art over nightstand

Another easy idea is to switch out your photos or art in an existing frame to this free printable egg art!

You can find all of my Easter table settings, flower arrangements and fun recipes here! Hope you have a beautiful Easter!