Where to buy flowers, when you’re not a florist. The best resources for beautiful blooms to create memorable flower arrangements and centerpieces.

where to buy flowers in my area
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One of the most frequently asked questions I receive when I share flower arrangements on Instagram or a tutorial here at julieblanner.com is “where to buy flowers”.

I’m not a florist and don’t have a resale license, so I, like most of you, don’t have access to wholesale flowers. Honestly, I think it’s more fun that way! It challenges me to work with what is available, which is often very seasonal.

where to buy flowers cheap

Today I’m sharing where to buy flowers along with what I look for at each store.

where to buy flowers

Where to Buy Flowers

Trader Joe’s! For those who go to Trader Joe’s you may have noticed their modest displays as you enter the store, but they’re filled with great staples like hydrangea, tulips, roses, eucalyptus, seasonal bouquets {which I deconstruct} and other pretty blooms. Outside of these staples you never know what you’re going to get, but there’s always something to work with.

Trader Joe’s is my go to because they offer the most affordable flowers and get new flowers in each morning. You can also work with an employee to order/reserve flowers!

You can check in with their ad, the Fearless Flyer, to see some of the floral highlights. For example, this week it’s sunflowers and chrysanthemums.

Whole Foods. Thanks to Amazon’s recent acquisition of Whole Foods, I’ve noticed a nice reduction in prices of flowers available there. It’s more hit and miss, but I often find “specialty” flowers there like peonies and garden roses.

I often find large blooms, pretty fillers like thistle and sometimes even wild flowers for loose, wispy arrangements. They, too, usually have hydrangea and eucalyptus available, but often for $2-3 more than Trader Joe’s.

where to buy flowers

Local Grocery Store Florist Department. You don’t just have to purchase what’s available on display or in a pre-made or specialty flower arrangement, you can also ask what they have behind the counter.

There you’ll find pretty fillers like hypericum berries, roses in an array of colors, lilies, stock and more. Basically, anything you see in one of their made to order arrangements online, you can probably purchase individually. I love that both of our local grocers allow purchases of individual stems.

Of course you’ll also find fruits and veggies, both of which add a lot of interest to an arrangement!

where to buy flowers in my city

Local Florist. Many florists offer spare blooms by the stem. While this is the most expensive option, it’s also your best bet to make an impact. This option is perfect for arrangements that need a few big, bold blooms.

Online. You can purchase large quantities of flowers online at places like Blooms by the Box and Fifty Flowers. I’ve never ordered online, but plan to try it this fall.

Garden Centers. Local hardware stores and garden centers are also a great place to buy flowers. One plant can often provide more blooms than what you can purchase for the same price by the bunch, along with a lot of greenery. I look to garden centers for long stems of herbs, specialty hydrangea, and more! Bonus that you can still plant it after you’ve used the blooms.

Your Garden. Don’t underestimate your own garden, even if you’re not a gardener. It’s the perfect place to find filler if nothing else!

I hope this where to buy flowers guide makes it a little more effortless when it comes to creating arrangements and table settings!

where to purchase flowers

Photography: Petite Fleur Studios

You can learn how to make this pretty peach centerpiece that was created for Better Homes and Gardens here! You can read more about Trader Joe’s flowers here and what I look for when shopping for them. I love sharing my favorite floral tips with you as I learn them- get my best florist secrets too!

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  1. Such a lovely arrangement. I buy the majority of our flowers from local markets and at Sams club! I have fresh cut flowers on our dining table “almost” always. I never hesitate to cut flowers from our garden. Peonies, lilacs and viburnum are my garden favorites for the table. Hugs!

    1. Yes! From the garden is my absolute favorite! We don’t belong to Sams, but I’ll have to keep that in mind. Thanks for sharing!