A fresh flower basket makes a beautiful gift or centerpiece. Filled with yellow tulips, this easy flower arrangement makes a gorgeous spring statement anywhere in your home.

What could be more cheerful than yellow tulips? Learn how to make this basket of tulips for a centerpiece or lovely gift!

flower basket filled with yellow tulips
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I love working with tulips – they’re accessible, easy to work with and only get more beautiful with time. They’re so effortless and remind me of my mother’s garden.

Read on for all the details about these classic favorites and learn how to design your own flower basket filled with yellow tulips! (I promise, if I can do it, so can YOU!)

A Charming Basket of Flowers

While I love a classic vase full of flowers, and I’ve shown you many ways to design your own arrangements in that way, I wanted to show you something a little different this time.

You’ll find information about everything you need to create this look, and answers to so many of your burning tulip questions, including:

  • What do yellow tulips signify? (Don’t you love that every flower has a traditional meaning? I love learning about those long-standing traditions!)
  • Where do I buy yellow tulips? 
  • When are tulips in season? 
  • How long do fresh cut tulips last?
yellow tulips flower basket

Flower Basket Centerpiece or Gift

Spring always brings plenty of opportunities to entertain – showers, brunch, Easter and Mother’s Day are just a few of my favorite occasions.

A flower basket of yellow tulips is perfect for a gift of birthday flowers. This style of charming floral arrangement would also make the sweetest get-well gift!

They’re a beautiful addition for any special occasion.

I love bringing you inspiration for fresh floral ideas that you can create yourselves! Did you know that I have an array of flower arranging tutorials? I break each of them down with step-by-step photos, tips, and often video! You can find them all in my flowers category here, and here are my top 12 Simple Flower Bouquets!

Some of my favorite flower arrangements to date include:

Step by step instructions to create a flower basket with yellow tulips in just 10 minutes!

What do Yellow Tulips Represent?

Every flower has a meaning! The Victorians were especially enamored with the meaning of flowers and used those traditions for courting and showing love to family and friends.

The current meaning of tulips is endless love. At one point in history, yellow tulips were used to signify hopeless love and jealousy! Thankfully, the symbolism has evolved through the years and turned into something much more positive and endearing.

Yellow tulips are known to evoke happy feelings and cheerfulness, whether growing in a garden or in a fresh arrangement. They are also known for hope. The color yellow has become synonymous with friendship, and what could be more friendly than a charming flower basket filled with yellow tulips?

They are available in a range of hues from soft yellow to bright yellow. Yellow tulips are also available in a number of varieties and styles, with everything from a bi-color streak of pink, orange or red, to a double-blooming beauty that resembles a ruffled peony when it opens!

flower basket of yellow tulips

Where can I Buy Tulips?

You can find them year round at stores like Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, your local grocer and of course, any florist near you.

You can learn more about where to buy flowers here, and learn about being your own florist right here.

I often find them at Trader Joe’s for just a few dollars – what could be more cheerful than that? (Click through that link to find everything you need to know about Trader Joe’s flowers!)

When are Tulips in Season?

Tulips are especially plentiful at grocery stores across the nation in spring, with Mother’s Day often signaling the end of their growing season. 

You can usually find tulips at your local grocery stores and florists as early as the winter holidays because they are frequently grown in indoor greenhouses. Why not add them into your holiday floral designs in vibrant reds or classic whites? 

Because they are often so inexpensive, they are one of the easiest ways to celebrate spring in your home!

flower basket filled with yellow tulips
How long do Fresh Cut Tulips Last? 

So many factors can change how long your tulips will last. They can live from a couple days, up to 1 week.

Tips to Make Tulips Last Longer

  • Rinse to remove any excess dirt tucked into leaves.
  • Cut 1/4″ (or more) off the stem at an angle.
  • Use a clean container to ensure it is free of bacteria.
  • Place them in cool, not hot or warm water.
  • Avoid direct sunlight. Place tulips in a cool space away from windows and heat vents.
  • Change water daily, rinsing and freshly cutting stems.
  • Use a properly sized vase to support the tulips.

Fresh cut tulips can last up to a week using these tips! Be sure to look for bundles of tulips that show no signs of darkening (age) on the tips of the petals.

Another quick tip: make sure there’s no mold growing on the stamen as your choose your tulips. This can sometimes be caused by too much moisture during shipping, and it’s a sign that your tulips won’t last long in a vase.

yellow tulips in a flower basket

What You Need to Arrange a Basket of Tulips

flower basket filled with fresh yellow tulips

How to Make a Flower Basket

  1. Fill a shallow dish that fits within your basket with water. A flower basket with a shallow bowl of water inside, prepping for a flower arrangement.
  2. Using clear floral tape, make a grid, securing the tape to the edges of your basket. basket with tape over a dish inside prepping for a floral arrangement.
  3. Remove the lower leaves of your yellow tulips, leaving the upper leaves for a little added greenery. Divide blooms into large, medium and small {usually yet to open}. flower basket filled with the beginning of an arrangement of yellow tulips.
  4. To make your flower basket, start in the center, working your way out, measure each tulip from the bottom of the dish to where you want the bloom, cut the stem at an angle and insert into the grid. Start with the dozen of tulips with the largest blooms. The beginning of an arrangement of yellow tulips in a flower basket
  5. Next, fill in with your medium blooms, turning the basket to ensure it’s full. A wicker basket filled with yellow tulips
  6. Fill in any nooks with your smallest blooms and enjoy! A hand reaching inside a flower basket, arranging yellow tulips
Yellow tulips in a woven basket.

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  1. This is so cute Julie – I like using chicken wire in my vases, but adding tape to a basket is a new idea for me. Can’t wait to try! xChloe

  2. Love this Julie! What a pretty spring centerpiece. I might have to do this with one of the babies Easter baskets.

  3. Stunningly beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial on how to do this. I didn’t even know they made clear floral tape! Always thought it only came in that ugly floral green! Pinning…

    1. I love it – it sticks better than standard tape & is easier to use than most floral tapes. Hobby Lobby carries it!