4 Easy Decorating Tips – It’s Okay to Bend the Rules

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  • Easy, foolproof decorating ideas!

    Decorating an entire house can sometimes feel overwhelming. If you’re like me, you likely overthink every decision! I have found that if you just abide these 4 easy decorating tips, you’ll have a beautiful space & it’s okay to bend the rules!

    1. Mix old & new. For anything to come into our home, I have to love it. It can’t just “work”, “make do” or be a “great deal”. Honestly, if it isn’t something you love & are excited about, it’s never a great deal. You’ll always try to make it work or replace it later. Old or new, if it’s something you love, it will be a beautiful addition to your home. Don’t worry about maintaining a specific style period. If you have anything you don’t love, gift or donate it to make space for things that make you happy. Editing can be difficult, especially when the item was a gift, but rethink it, repurpose it for a different room & if you must, store it.

    4 foolproof decorating tips that can make any space work!

    2. It doesn’t have to match. Actually, it’s more interesting when it doesn’t! I’ve discussed this before with our bedroom furniture. Break away from a “set” & start collecting pieces you love, both old & new. This one can be a little scary at first, but you’ll be surprised of the depth it adds to your home. Peruse magazines you love & you’ll find a variety of side tables in a living room. Furniture stores have led us to believe that you have to have a set. This is definitely a rule to bend!

    4 rules of decorating to break

    3. Add something organic. The absolute easiest & least expensive thing you can do to make a room stand out is to add something organic. Whether it be a bowl of fruit, a vase of flowers or a plant, adding something living to a room brings it to life. No special flower arranging skills needed! Select low maintenance plants like succulents or take a few branches off a tree for a quick fix. I’ll often snip a few sprigs from another indoor plant & place it in a vase in another room to maximize – most will last a few weeks! If you love flowers, but are not comfortable arranging them, remove the leaves from roses & add them to a pitcher for an easy arrangement. If you want to #bendtherules, then go for a preserved boxwood topiary or magnolia leaf wreath.

    Tips to decorate a cohesive, beautiful home

    4. Start with the basics. Find your little black dress – something that you can dress up, dress down & that will grow with you as your style evolves. For me, it’s my belgian linen sofa. It’s a soft, neutral color, classic design & it translates to traditional, cottage & modern. I accessorize it with throws & pillows to transition it with the seasons – or my mood! Use a “pop of color” if you wish, but don’t feel obligated. Likewise, mix & match colors & patterns as much as you’d like!

    How to decorate with neutrals

    Now that you’ve learned 4 easy decorating tips that #bendtherules, here are 4 ways to use the HP x360!

    In tablet mode…while scouring Pinterest for decorating ideas!

    HP 360

    Stand, listening to Meghan Trainor, or course! {see behind-the-scenes tour footage courtesy of HP!}

    Meghan Trainor #bendtherules tour with HP

    or watching a how-to video like my tips for styling a gallery wall!

    4 foolproof decorating tips to a magazine worthy home

    As a notebook – how I primarily work.

    Tent, watching your favorite shows or playing games.

    Beautiful home office

    Go on tour with Meghan Trainor & HP & #bendtherules! This post is sponsored by HP. All ideas & opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the sponsors that help me provide fresh, creative content that celebrates life!



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