Winter Decorations – How to Decorate between Christmas and Spring

LAST UPDATED: Aug 03, 2020 | PUBLISHED: Jan 14, 2017 | By: Julie Blanner

simple Christmas decorating ideas | country living

There’s an awkward phase between Christmas and Spring, especially in our home. Sure, there’s Valentine’s Day with a few hints of pink and red, but the house can begin to feel empty during the lull, so I begin to only remove the most festive Christmas decorations and slowly transition the remaining decor.

easy ideas to decorate for winter {after Christmas}

easy ideas to decorate for winter {after Christmas}

When planning our fall and Christmas decor, I often think about how it will transcend through the seasons. My decorating style tends to be a progression rather than an overnight turnover. 

how to transition your decorations after Christmas

It’s a game of give and take. I might swap a pillow and throw, but leave the aging magnolia leaves from November, removing the water and freshening the vase. The little tree still feels wintery, so it stays until the first signs of spring arrive. However, the Stewart plaid pillow cover is stowed away in favor of something a little lighter, because when the forecast shows clouds, rain and snow for the next 10 days, you need all of the sunny moments you can get!

classic Christmas decorations | small tree in crock

After the holidays, I remove a lot of the heavier fresh greenery, but leave a little as well. Our bedroom and family room still boast beautiful wintry wreaths that dried gracefully and a vase filled with juniper looks almost as pretty today as it did 6 weeks ago. Pared back Christmas decor makes beautiful winter decorations without effort.


Sadly this year the paper white bulbs sat in my potting center a little longer than I had anticipated, but hopefully they’ll bloom soon. Paperwhites are one of my favorite winter decorations. They bring a sense of calm and peace after the chaos of the holidays. 

simple winter decorations after Christmas

how to decorate after Christmas

I’m also slowly starting to integrate little hints of pink to the living room, but haven’t decided what to replace the gingerbread houses with in our bookcases yet, so I’ve fast forwarded to summer and replaced them with seashells for Adalyn’s party this weekend and hope to come up with a better alternative this week {I’m up for suggestions!}

How do you decorate between Christmas and spring?


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