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How to Create a Preserved Boxwood Wreath

A Preserved Boxwood Wreath is a natural alternative to a faux Boxwood Wreath – and inexpensive, too! It’s easy to do with this step-by-step tutorial to preserve a $10 Trader Joe’s Boxwood Wreath.
how to preserve a boxwood wreath including ideas for gifting and decor

I’ve shared several ideas that include one of my favorite things: Boxwood Wreaths and received several questions about Preserve Boxwood. They’re appealing because of their longevity, simplicity and that you can use them year round.

You can purchase Preserved Boxwood Wreaths, but they can be expensive and are often dyed. Fortunately, it’s easy to preserve your own Boxwood! Last December, I made several wreaths and swags to decorate Kauffman Stadium for the holidays. I couldn’t resist ordering extra and preserve one for myself! I also often find that at Trader Joe’s for just $10 during the holidays.

From a Fresh Boxwood Wreath to a Preserved Boxwood Wreath in Just a Few Simple Steps:

I use Design Master Foliage Sealer. It actually started as a glitter glue, but works flawlessly to preserve fresh foliage. It seals in the moisture, extending it’s life. I love that it doesn’t change the appearance of the boxwood at all!

Cover the ground in an exterior space {I used old cardboard} and spray the back of your boxwood wreath thoroughly, making sure you are covering it completely, including the sides. Allow to dry and do the same to the front. A Preserved Boxwood Wreath can still be delicate, so if using them outside, make sure it’s protected from weather {covered porch} and indoors, that it isn’t exposed to heat {i.e.: above a fireplace} to increase the longevity.

how to preserve boxwood including gift and decor ideas

A few of my favorite uses for boxwood wreaths:

Boxwood Wreath Shower or Housewarming Gift
St. Patrick’s Day Decor with Boxwood Wreath
Boxwood Wreath Christmas Decor

What are yours?


13 comments on “How to Create a Preserved Boxwood Wreath”

  1. Julie…thank you, so much, for posting this “how to”! I look forward to your posts and love the ideas and inspiration you share with us.. xoxo

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  3. Hi, Julie! I was wondering how long they last if I do this? I picked one up at Trader Joe’s today myself! Thanks-Ashley

  4. Thank you! Have always wanted a boxwood wreath and wanted to preserve it if possible. I also purchased one today at Trader Joe’s. Wanted one last year, passed it up and they had sold out when I returned. I wanted to hang it on the bedroom wall. Thanks again!

    Where would one purchase the sealer?

  5. Do you preserve while it’s still fresh or do you let it dry first?

  6. Hi Julie, Have you ever used the Design Master spray on other types of foliage. If so, what?

    Thank you so much, Michele

  7. I would like to preserve boxwood cuttings for miniature wreaths the size of napkin rings to decorate wedding favor boxes. You’re so talented and I’m hoping you can recommend a procedure to preserve the boxwood cuttings! Thanks so much!

  8. Was also curious if you would think that you could preserve cuttings with this product! Thank you!!

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