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Winter Decor

A reader, and past client, emailed me a couple of days ago asking how she could decorate for winter without the inclusion of Christmas decor. Honestly, as much as I love and celebrate Christmas, a lot of my holiday decor is simply just winter decor. Little hints of the outdoor inside and cozy touches to warm our home up. I’ll be doing a full home holiday tour {as soon as I decorate}, but will start by sharing the simple elements I added just before Thanksgiving.

non holiday decor ideas

I don’t typically use a lot of artificial decor, but couldn’t resist this sweet little tree wrapped in burlap. I paired it with a pretty sheet of wrapping paper that will last all winter long and a print I made of a tree. To complete the look, I added a silver pitcher on top of the sideboard I recently {and finally} painted white. You can find the free tree printable here and another beautiful tree printable here. It’s pretty in it’s imperfection. I like to think that adding imperfect pieces in your home, makes it feel more comfortable. I’m not striving for perfection, just joy in every day.

simple winter decor

This little craft store piece was just $4. I gave it a mini-makeover by removing the horrific ribbon that came on it and adding a double sided satin ribbon bow with a little dove tail cut.

inexpensive Christmas decor

pine cones antlers & branches

A brass bowl filled with pinecones, found antlers and a few branches are all that’s needed to add a little winter to our dining room.

simple winter decorations

A $5 live glitter tree and a pinecone dress up an end table in the living room and pinecones have been added to the bookcases.


easy christmas decor

I’m going to relax and enjoy the morning with the girls {in our pajamas, of course} and let the Christmas decorating commence this afternoon! I hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Love this! Clean, pure and beautiful! Great ideas!!

  2. Love how subtle and elegant your Christmas decorations are 🙂 Beautiful!

  3. I really like the tree pic. Do you by any chance have a link for it?
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful Home.

  4. oGX0jhLduwtX

    I bought the same tree at Michael’s for $9.00 today! Sooo cute! Mine has an adorable red ribbon. Did you shrink down and alter the tree in the frame from the Graphics Fairy? The one I saw was green on that site. I really like the black and white!

  5. Absolute beauty in simplicity!

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  7. I made the Christmas tree frame this past weekend and LOVE it. Put in on my fireplace mantel with garland and candles and looks super cute! Thanks so much for the inspiration Julie!! 🙂

  8. NFkoOF0nb7UG

    Yes, I am exploring your site and love all the DIY art! Thanks again for sharing!! 🙂

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  10. I love, love this. Thanks for sharing these lovely design inspirations ♥

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  14. Hi Julie I just love your home its so beautiful and serene just love the way you put thing together just enough. I will be looking forward to your next article. thank’s Marie

  15. where did you get the white dresser that is pictured?

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