Reader Question: Botanical Prints

LAST UPDATED: Apr 30, 2019 | PUBLISHED: Jan 29, 2016 | By: Julie Blanner

How to create your own botanical prints

I’ve written about botanical prints a couple times before including a tutorial on how to create authentic looking botanical prints and how I framed my authentic botanical, but I’ve completely neglected to share the botanical prints in Adalyn’s bedroom and have received a few questions about where I purchased them. Well, you know me, I didn’t exactly purchase them. I purchased {or rather repurposed frames} and printed them at home. They’ve been seen in numerous posts from Adalyn’s birthday party to our Christmas decorations, but they’ve never had the spotlight – until now!

How to make botanical prints - easy and beautiful home decor

Here are the diy details to create your own botanical prints:

  1. These particular botanicals came from Vintage Printable, however, there are several sites, including Graphics Fairy that offer free printable botanicals. You can also purchase botanical books to dissect. Find your image and resize in Photoshop, Lightroom, or Preview.
  2. Optional: adjust the saturation in one of the above programs. I reduced the saturation by 25% for these prints to soften them a little.
  3. Print onto high quality paper using the “best” printer settings. I like using Paper Source’s text weight in Luxe Cream.
  4. Frame! You can find the frames I used here.

How to print and frame botanicals - easy diy art for your home

I highly recommend printing your own art for children’s rooms – they grow up all too fast and as they do, their tastes change. This way you can easily update the space without a lot of effort. The options are endless!

Easy art idea for home - diy botanical prints

How to make botanical prints - easy and beautiful home decor

Really, it couldn’t be easier! I created and hung 6 of these in about a half hour. You would never know that they were printed on a basic home printer.

Create beautiful home decor with this botanical prints tutorial

If you have any questions about our home, don’t be afraid to ask! Often, details are overlooked as I rush to write during nap time.

Create beautiful home decor with this botanical prints tutorial

Finally, because this week was dessert week in our house, next week is dessert week on the blog. I hope you’re ready for something sweet – okay, 5 days of sweet! See you soon!