Create a Paper Mache Stag Head that sits nobly on your wall in just minutes and for a fraction of the cost by following this simple tutorial. It’s perfect for seasonal decorating or to add some three-dimensional art anywhere in your home.

5 minute diy paper mache stag head

I love the look of a paper mache stag head protruding from the wall, looking so regal. Amid a lot of two-dimensional art, a three-dimensional stag head really stands out and breaks up the monotony of flat and square frames.

After doing some online shopping, I discovered that they can be quite expensive, but I wanted one so much that I was about to purchase one for $100! Yikes!

Thank goodness my creative problem-solving lightbulb lit up just in time! I remembered that during the holiday season full-sized paper mache reindeer are sold in craft stores.

I raced to the craft store and purchased a reindeer for just $12! When I returned home with my purchase, Chris knew exactly what to do. He got out the hand saw and in just 5 minutes, I had a stag head on our living room wall.

I love how it adds an element of seasonal cheer or year round charm without being over the top. And it was so inexpensive and easy! If you’re into fast and simple projects that make a big difference, check out Small Framed Pictures, Pressed Botanical Art, and How to Make a Silhouette Portrait.

I’m so glad that I didn’t rush into an unnecessary purchase. With a little creativity and a tiny bit of work, I got the look I wanted for way less.

How to Decorate with a Paper Mache Stag

As I mentioned above, mixing different depths of decor on a wall really makes a wall come to life. Plus, adding natural and unique shapes to square and round frames, mirrors, and clocks really enhances a space. Here are some places a stag head would look great:

  • I centered mine in a frame to give the stag a complete look.
  • Mix it in a a frame arrangement, but don’t put a frame around it.
  • Put it above a shelf that has knick-knacks and books on it.
  • Center the paper mache stag head above a small bed or chair.
  • Use it as a a simple holiday decoration, placed near greenery and white lights.

What You’ll Need

  • 1 Paper Mache Full-Size Reindeer – any size of reindeer that has the size of head you need
  • Hand Saw – for cutting the part you need
  • Stiff Wire – for easy hanging of the stag head ( I used wires that mark sprinklers in the ground.)
  • Masking Tape, Optional – to mark where you’re going to cut, if you want
  • Gold Paint, Optional
A gold reindeer

How to Make Paper Mache Stag Head

  1. Determine where you need to cut so the head hangs at the angle you want. Draw a line for a guide. Paper mache should be easy to cut through, but if you want to adhere masking tape to the neck where you’ll be cutting, you can do that first and then draw the line.paper mache reindeer with cut line on neck
  2. This task is quickly and easily done with two people. One person needs to hold the deer tightly in place while the other uses a hand saw to saw the head/neck off at an angle. cut paper mache stag head
  3. If you’ll be painting, do it now and let it completely dry. You can use craft paint or spray paint.
  4. Stick your wires into the wall at an angle. Use a nail to start a hole if you need to, but don’t push the nail all the way into the wall because the sheetrock needs to be tight against the wire to keep it in place. Test the angle with your stag head and then adjust the wire as needed. (The wire will be sticking out of the wall at an upward angle, about 6-10 inches long to support the whole neck and head. ) We used those little metal and fluorescent flags that utilities use to mark lines.
  5. Place the hollow head on the wire and enjoy your custom made paper mache stag head!


  • Find a reindeer online or wait until the holiday season when they’re easier to find for sale.
  • Use two people – one to hold the deer and one to cut – for the easiest and cleanest cut.
  • Make sure to use sturdy wire that will maintain its angle while supporting the lightweight head.


  • Leave it in brown paper form for a natural, rustic look.
  • Paint it white to blend more into the wall or for a soft look in a nursery.
  • Paint it gold and then add some spray glitter.
  • Choose any color that you want – it can always be repainted when a color scheme changes.

More DIY Wall Art Ideas

5 minute diy paper mache stag head
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DIY Paper Mache Stag Head

Cook: 10 minutes
Total: 10 minutes
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  • 1 Paper Mache Full-Size Reindeer
  • Stiff Wire
  • Masking Tape Optional
  • Paint Optional


  • One person needs to hold the deer tightly in place while the other, uses a hand saw to saw the head/neck off at an angle.
  • Stick your wires into the wall at an angle, testing with your stag head. We used those little metal and fluorescent flags that utilities use to mark lines.
  • Paint the reindeer gold or whatever color you'd like.
  • Hang the reindeer.
  • .


Hand Saw

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  1. How awesome is this! What a great idea! I’ve been wanting one for awhile. I already have one that’s head has been accidentally broken off so I’m going to give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is such an awesome idea! I’ve been eyeing all those paper mache animal heads for months now, but didn’t want to pay the crazy cost either. This worked perfectly! Thanks so much for sharing:)