DIY Paper Mache Stag Head

LAST UPDATED: Nov 05, 2018 | PUBLISHED: Nov 26, 2013 | By: Julie Blanner

5 minute diy paper mache stag head

I was just about to give in and purchase a papier or paper mache stag head for $100 when it hit me – paper mache reindeer were everywhere last year. So, I ventured to the craft store and purchased one, for $12. Of course I return home and Chris is in disbelief. Adalyn is distraught. They should know by now, right? Without saying much, Chris knew exactly what to do. And so, he got out the hand saw and in just 5 minutes, I had a stag head on our living room wall. Just in case you feel the need to have one as well, I’m sharing the details today.

1 reindeer

hand saw

stiff wire {or my alternative}

5 minute diy paper mache stag head

As I said before, this will only take a few minutes, but a couple pair of hands. One person needs to hold the deer tightly in place while the other, uses a hand saw to saw the head/neck off at an angle. Be mindful of how you want it to sit on your wall. Even without tape, ours sawed off beautifully smooth.

5 minute diy paper mache stag head

5 minute diy paper mache stag head

Next, stick your wires into the wall at an angle, testing with your stag head. We used those little metal and fluorescent flags that utilities use to mark lines because we had several.

Yes, that’s it. My little guy just may receive a makeover from season to season, but for now, he’s feeling festive in gold. Now I’m ready to redo the entire wall. Oops!