Advent Calendar Ideas

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Fun Advent Calendar ideas to countdown until Christmas. Fill the month with fun and festive activities with this easy diy kids advent calendar.

advent calendar ideas

It’s a week into December and I’m just getting started on my advent calendar. Is December moving fast or is it just me? I never did an advent calendar growing up, but thought it would be fun for the girls, especially while they’re so young. Given my poor timing, I needed to come up with something quickly. I created this last minute kids advent calendar from little kraft bags, tape & some greenery. In 10 minutes, it was hanging, and it 20, it was ready!

kids advent calendar

I created the calendar in our entryway so the girls would walk by it when they wake each morning…you know, so I don’t forget to actually use it! It’s an awkward angle to photograph, but this is for the girls, not the blog. You’ll forgive me, right?

diy advent calendar ideas

DIY Kids Advent Calendar

I used fabric tape because it’s pretty, festive and easy for Adalyn & Aniston to remove from the wall to see what’s inside their bag for the day.

advent calendar ideas

I added a couple of pieces of greenery to make it decorative & just wrote the numbers with a gold sharpie. I was going to run them through the printer to number them, but that would have added at least 10 minutes & we don’t even have our tree up yet!

advent calendar ideas

Considering it’s day 6 & the calendar just went up, I knew I wouldn’t be up for daily activities & I certainly don’t want 25 gifts laying around the house. Some days I included old family photographs to share with the girls as well as some recent ones. Others there is a tidbit about why we celebrate Christmas. Of course there are some activities as well!

advent calendar activities

I printed of a list of activities, which I can secretly place inside the bags the day of because often, I don’t know what we’ll do before then! Other activities that I know we have planned for specific dates are in there already.

advent calendar ideas

Advent Calendar Ideas

I mix these Advent Calendar ideas up from year to year often based on what our schedule looks like. Some of our favorite advent activities are:

  • see Santa Claus
  • bake cookies
  • make an ornament
  • make Salt Dough Ornaments and Color Salt Dough Ornaments
  • donate toys to make room for new
  • shop and donate new toys
  • Christmas carol at home
  • Christmas carol at a nursing home
  • watch a Christmas movie
  • make jingle bells for doors
  • make a Christmas necklace
  • make homemade hot chocolate or pink hot chocolate
  • see Christmas lights
  • go to a live nativity
  • bake sugar cookies
  • decorate their bedrooms
  • make Christmas cards for teachers and loved ones
  • write a Christmas list
  • write a letter to Santa
  • make gift bags for homeless and distribute
  • donate to a food pantry
  • adopt a family

You don’t have to have activities each day. Some days you can include little gifts like stickers. Too coordinate with the activities you can include trinkets that will be used for activities, like a cookie cutter or string with bells.

kids advent calendar

What are you favorite Advent calendar ideas?


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