Christmas Cocktails

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Step inside and have a festive cocktail! In fact, you’re more than welcome to try any or all of these 13 Christmas Cocktail recipes this holiday season!

Choose just one, or try them all! Any of these Christmas cocktail recipes are sure to warm up your holidays this year.

A clear glass filled with an oatmeal cookie Christmas cocktail, greenery and hazelnuts in the background.

These must-have Christmas cocktails will get you through the holiday season effortlessly! They’re the perfect sip for gift wrapping or while you’re baking Christmas Cookies.

They’re also a great pairing to serve with your Christmas appetizers and will help you sail right through a get-together with even the most challenging relatives.

If you’re also a fan of a cocktail that feels seasonal and oh-so-special, don’t skip these amazing Thanksgiving Cocktails! I’ve been a bit of a cocktail aficionado for years… and while I love a simple glass of wine, there’s just something about sipping a perfectly executed mixed drink that I will always love.

Three clear glasses full of a peppermint Christmas cocktail on a marble surface.

In fact, you can find my complete (free!) Tequila Guide to give you all the detail you’ll need for cocktail expertise during any time of year.

No matter how you’re entertaining this holiday season, I hope you find some inspiration and joy for your celebrations this year! Cheers to a warm and cozy Christmas!

A clear stemmed glass filled with a white Christmas cocktail, topped with a sugared rim, hazelnuts and greenery to the side.

Christmas Cocktails

Put your Christmas music on, warm up the oven for cookies, and make yourself a cocktail, friends!

Quick Tip: If you want to double or triple any of these recipes, simply use the 1x2x3x tab on the printable recipe card in each post. It will calculate the ingredients for you – no math required!

Spiked Hot Chocolate with Peppermint Schnapps

This rich and creamy Peppermint Hot Chocolate recipe is delightful all winter long – and who doesn’t love a steaming cup of spiked hot chocolate? The frosty cool flavor of peppermint schnapps drinks are a favorite addition to my winter cocktail line-up.

A white mug full of spiked hot chocolate Christmas cocktail, topped with toasted marshmallows.

An Oatmeal Cookie cocktail is a delicious drink that tastes just like its namesake.

The Oatmeal cookie shot, a favorite of mine because of the delicious and distinct flavor, can be made to serve one or many with my easily adaptable recipe.

A clear glass filled with an oatmeal cookie Christmas cocktail.

Merry Mint with Peppermint Schnapps

A Merry Mint cocktail made with Peppermint Schnapps will warm your soul this holiday season! This fun and festive Christmas Cocktail is the perfect blend of cream, mint and vodka!

A creamy white cocktail in a clear glass, rimmed with crushed peppermint.

Sangria Christmas Cocktail

This Spanish Sangria is the ultimate cocktail indulgence and perfect for the holidays. Sangria punch serves beautifully for parties, and it’s easy to create a non alcoholic sangria too!

A clear glass pitcher and three glasses full of sangria for Christmas.

Mai Tai (with a Christmas twist!)

How to make a Mai Tai – a traditional cocktail recipe with a twist for the holidays. This fruity dark rum cocktail is a twist on the original and made with pineapple juice. Quick and easy, this festive cocktail is made with just four ingredients.

mai tai with cranberry skewer in a clear glass stemmed vase.

Cinnamon Toast Cocktail

A Cinnamon Toast is the ultimate fall cocktail that will warm you up on even the chilliest of evenings. It’s the perfect blend of Cinnamon Schnapps (a Cinnamon Liquor) and apple cider, garnished with an apple slice and cinnamon sticks!

A marble surface with a cinnamon Christmas cocktail in the center, garnished with apple and cinnamon stick.

Apple Pear Christmas Cocktail

This is one of my favorite holiday cocktails! It’s deliciously fruity and feels festive topped with cranberries and a cinnamon stick to stir!

2 glasses filled with cocktail cranberry and cinnamon sticks next to pitcher

Pear Cider

Pear cider is the fragrant, sweet fall companion to the ever-classic apple cider. This (non-alcoholic) homemade pear cider recipe is aromatic, cozy and brimming with delicious fall flavor!

Spike it with bourbon, rum, or even vodka for a delicious Christmas cocktail the whole crew will love!

A cast iron pot filled with pear cider recipe ingredients

Snowball Amaretto Christmas Cocktail

When the temperatures drop, I love to treat everyone to a Snowball cocktail after a delicious dinner. The slight bitterness of the almond amaretto flavor combined with sweet ice cream is the perfect pairing in this snowball recipe.

Learn how to make this amaretto liqueur dessert cocktail with just a few simple ingredients.

A clear stemmed glass filled with a white Christmas cocktail, topped with a marshmallow and a sugared rim.

Mulled Wine

Cozy, fragrant and delicious… this Mulled Wine Recipe is the perfect winter drink to keep the chill at bay. No German ski slopes required for this classic gluhwein recipe, just invite your friends!

Gray enameled cast iron pot on stove top with mulled wine inside.

Peppermint White Russian

This Peppermint White Russian recipe is wonderful peppermint drink to enjoy around the holidays. The coffee liqueur, vodka, and half and half compliment the zingy peppermint schnapps to make a festive and delicious peppermint cocktail.

A clear glass full of a peppermint Christmas cocktail on a marble surface.

Non Alcoholic Mulled Wine

An easy Non Alcoholic Mulled Wine recipe for the holidays is enjoyable for people of all ages. This alcohol free mulled wine recipe is created with sweet grape juice, fruit and spices that simmer into a hot Christmas drink that warms you from the inside out.

mulled wine with mulling spices and oranges in cast iron on stove

Winter Bourbon Smash

The Winter Smash cocktail is a spin on the classic whiskey smash recipe you make in the summertime. Using bourbon and a bit of club soda, this bourbon smash libation is full of fresh fruit and the zing of cinnamon we enjoy when it’s cold outside.

Three Smash cocktails garnished with rosemary, blueberries, oranges, and cinnamon sticks all on a white plate.

I hope you enjoy these Christmas cocktails! Cheers to the holiday season!

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