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Fall is such a beautiful season in itself that it seems we merely need to accent it in our outdoor decor. I start off simple and continue to build on it with our jackolanterns when Halloween is near.
This year, I skipped my jarrahdales {blue/grey} pumpkins for these ghost pumpkins. I was inspired by our recent visit to the apple farm and knew that rather than using my standard planters, I wanted to incorporate apple baskets.
Luckily, Lowe’s had just what I was looking for! They had several smaller mums in apple baskets, but no longer had larger ones. I was talking to their garden expert {who had no idea I was a creator} and she was so kind to give me a couple large empty apple baskets. Apparently someone wanted the mums, but not the baskets, so she was saving them for someone who wanted them. Yay for me! I just dropped mum planters into them. They fit well on my cottage porch, don’t you think?
I used a standard whispy twig wreath. It was inexpensive and simple – just what I was looking for!
Finally, I personalized our pumpkins. I have a few tips for doing this because pumpkins aren’t exactly the perfect shape for personalizing!
1. Clean pumpkin
2. Write in pencil first
3. Use a paint pen or Sharpie to write
*don’t do with kids on your lap
Isla and Ani were so curious, they each assisted in this DIY.
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