Our Early Fall Decorations

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simple and beautiful early fall decorating ideas

Each year I meet fall with hesitation and anticipation. Spring brings so much hope, I love how relaxed summer is and having more time with the girls, and fall adds routine, color and beautiful temperatures. Winter, however, I’m not a fan of and it seems our falls are always far shorter than our winters in Missouri.

I decided to embrace the softer side of fall this year, integrating some of my favorite hues from spring and remnants of summer. I keep our early fall decorating simple, infusing some of my favorite organic finds and updating our linens throughout our home. As the season progresses, our décor does as well.

easy fall decorating ideas for your front porch

So far this fall, I added an array of heirloom pumpkins to our porch. It was pouring down rain the day I designated for fall decorating, which is not exactly ideal for photography. I was rushing to get the pumpkins from the trunk to the house, running them one by one to the porch. I decided to leave some behind because they looked so pretty piled up there and well, sometimes the simplest things are the prettiest early fall decorations. I added a wheat wreath for good measure.

decorating tip: forage your yard for the most beautiful and easy fall decorating ideas

easy last minute fall decorating ideas

easy last minute fall decorating ideas

I find so much décor in our own backyard, like these pretty crabapple branches, so I put my boots and raincoat on, got on my tippy toes and trimmed a few branches to add to our entryway. I love filling that little brass bucket with my seasonal finds as an early fall decorating idea.

using pumpkins as easy fall decorating ideas

the softer side of fall | alternative fall decorating ideas

the softer side of fall | alternative fall decorating ideas

For a little added exercise, I filled the fireplace with heirloom pumpkins. I’m pretty sure it constitutes as a full workout, but I just adore them!

Easy fall decorating ideas

simple and beautiful fall decorating ideas

the softer side of fall | alternative fall decorating ideas

simple fall decorations

I replaced summer seashells with wheat sheaves and found antlers in our bookcases for fall. I love subtle touches and wanted to keep it light and airy this fall.

Easy fall decorating ideas

Easy decorating ideas

Rather than running to Pottery Barn for my fall decorations, I wanted to support small business owners, so I ordered our pillow covers from Etsy and I have to say, they’re gorgeous! In the living room, I opted for buffalo check, which is so versatile and may later be used in the guest bedroom.

wild flowers as early fall decorating ideas

beautiful fall decorating ideas and DIY flower arrangements

But the centerpiece of our living room is the flower arrangement my lifelong friend Tori designed. We had made plans to get together, but I was feeling a little overwhelmed with my schedule, so she came over and we played with flowers instead. They say a friend doubles your joy and divides your grief and I couldn’t agree more…friends really are the best medicine and this gorgeous rose, thistle, eucalyptus and dusty miller flower arrangement is the perfect example of that.

traditional dining room decorating ideas

easy decorating ideas | dining room

traditional dining room decorated for fall

When entertaining, I often repurpose pieces from other areas of our home, pulling from our bookcases and existing arrangements, especially for impromptu get-togethers. I added a few small sprigs and figs in the china cabinet as well. I love playful little hints of fall infused here and there.

wheat sprigs as early fall decorations

Queen Anne's lace in a crock | fall decorating

One of my favorite things to do at Grandma’s farm was pick “weeds” and make flower arrangements. There was always an abundance of blackberries, cattails, and Queen Anne’s lace among other unnamed beauties. I just wish it grew in our backyard {I’ve been working to create a wildflower area at the base of our hill}, but until then, Whole Foods will have to do! I found beautiful bunches of Queen Anne’s Lace and couldn’t resist.

effortless decorating ideas for fall

In the adjoining powder room, I added a relaxed mustard yellow hand towel and repeated the blooms from the living room in a small bud vase. I have found that thistle, roses and eucalyptus dry well and keep on giving for months to come.

antique table repurposed as a kitchen desk decorated for fall

easy fall centerpiece | Thanksgiving table setting with flowers and figs

easy fall centerpiece | Thanksgiving table setting with flowers and figs

easy fall centerpiece decorating ideas

centerpieces to be used as easy fall decorating ideas

easy fall centerpiece | Thanksgiving table setting with flowers and figs

fresh and beautiful early fall decorations

I just realized that it seems a lot of the early fall decorating I did this year included flowers. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! I always think of figs when I think of late summer/early fall. Their color is summer inside and fall on the outside. I thought they’d be the perfect transition to inspire our breakfast room. I incorporated them with my mom’s crystal filled with blooms and brass candlesticks – I’ll be sharing the easy tutorial later this week {sign up here if you don’t want to miss it}.

traditional bathroom

bathroom accessories and wood mirror

transitional bathroom

I snipped a little Russian Sage from our garden to mix with dusty miller and thistle for the guest powder room…the soft purple hues work so well in there with the pressed lavender and antique Turkish rug.

fresh and beautiful fall decorations

fresh and beautiful early fall decorating ideas

fresh fall decorating ideas | family room

How to organize your linens | living room organization ideas

And finally, our family room. As we were driving the golf cart from our dock to the lake cottage, I found a few stray pieces of wheat I had to stop and snip. The remnants of summer blended into a bouquet of pink roses and Queen Anne’s Lace. My addiction to pillow covers continued as I replaced our linen covers with these pretty navy block print cases. I’m starting to run out of room in the wardrobe, it might be time to let go of a few. The silver lining is that I’ve shown restraint by not purchasing a throw yet this year. It’s definitely a record, but like I said, our home will continue to transition with the season, so there’s still hope. ๐Ÿ˜‰

basement stairs on a budget - brilliant way to save money

I prepared for rainy fall days by updating our basement so that the girls have a place to exert energy and use their imaginations. We removed the old carpet, painted the stairs and installed a runner.

beautiful basement stairs on a budget

And replaced the carpeting with vinyl plank. We added their kitchen, a little copper for fall and a couple of old school desks for fun!

a beautiful finished basement with brilliant tips, tricks and ideas

designing a functional playroom for your kids

copper lanterns - timeless and beautiful outdoor lighting that only looks prettier with time

Thank you so much for taking the time to come inside of our home decorated for fall. You can see how I keep it all organized here.