Closet Converted Mudroom

LAST UPDATED: Feb 14, 2020 | PUBLISHED: Mar 14, 2012 | By: Julie Blanner

In effort to streamline our home and reduce clutter {coats, shoes, and bags} from the main area of our home I decided to remove the closet doors in our laundry room and convert it to a mudroom.  I wanted an area that was easy for us to put our things away in when we first walked into our home through the garage.  I knew it needed to be easy for our girls to use and fairly simple and quick for us to build.  Must haves included hooks, a bench and lots of baskets.

We removed the door frame and added new 1×4’s to give it less of a closet feel.  We smooth out all of the walls by filling any holes with putty and sanding the wall smooth.  Chris reused the original shelf in the closet, but added a ledge to it and a board below it.  We also added corbels for a decorative element.  1×4’s were used to create board and batten.  Chris built a bench at a height that was comfortable for both the girls and I.  Well, just Adalyn and I.  Aniston won’t be putting on her own shoes for a while!  I painted it a bright white in semi-gloss for a clean look and hooks were added to complete the project.

Are you sure you’re ready for this?

The before:

I decided I wanted a little something different from the standard wicker baskets.  I love the wire ones I chose because it will be easy to see what is in each.  We each have our own basket for accessories and miscellaneous items that used to get tossed onto the kitchen countertops.

The pillow was repurposed from our living room in our old home.

Below the bench is the perfect nook for our wellies.  We removed the linoleum floor tiles and cleaned up the concrete floor. Then we painted it with a charcoal grey concrete floor paint in high gloss for easy cleaning.  No longer will I have anxiety over the dirt, salt and rain on our beautiful hardwoods.

Cost: wood for interior and door frame and nails $175
Hooks $15
Baskets $45
Paint $40
Floor Paint $27

Total cost, $302!

I am so happy with the way it opened up the small space and added more functional space to our home.    To see how it has transitioned for summer and how it works with our laundry room, click here.

Inexpensive mudroom makeover full of practical details

As I sit here contemplating our new mudroom, I have been reflecting on the mudroom of our colonial & what I liked about it. We have the luxury of more space in our tudor & won’t have to share it with the laundry room, but it’s slightly awkward. It made me appreciate what we did with our practical mudroom, for just a little effort & minimal investment. We were able to work around existing flaws, making the best of them.

A pretty & practical mudroom

We started this project right after our second daughter, Aniston was born. Why? Because when else do you spend that much time at home. Our first consideration was how we used the space. Knowing that it was our primary entrance, we wanted a durable floor that would be easy to clean. That’s why we chose to do a painted concrete floor. It was a decision I worried would fail us with a worn, dingy appearance over time, but I knew I could always tile over it if I had to. Fortunately, 3 years of extensive use & it looked as great as it did the day we painted it.

A pretty & practical mudroom

Baskets, hooks, lots of paint & board & batten transformed the closet into a functional mudroom. What you can see to the right hidden behind the pillow is our wine cooler. We didn’t have a space in the kitchen for it or a wet bar on the main level. It was a convenient location that was well disguised. Chris was able to run electric from the garage to the mudroom so that the cord was also hidden.

A pretty & practical mudroom

The “step” also seemed less out of place with the use of a large basket for the girls’ shoes. It was convenient for them to find their own & sit on the bench to put them on.

A pretty & practical mudroom

While simple, I loved this space & all the memories we shared there coming & going. Do you have a mudroom? What’s your favorite feature of yours? I always love your ideas & suggestions!


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