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Brick Flooring

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I frequently am asked about our brick flooring in our mudroom and powder room. It’s among the most commented on spaces of our home on Instagram and still one of my favorite projects to date. 

Home design blogger Julie Blanner shares her powder room transformation that blends utility and design

When we moved into our home just a little over 2 years ago, I felt it needed more character. It felt like dated new construction with little to no detail. I had seen brick floors in The Great American House, Steve and Brooke Giannetti’s Patina Style an array of mudrooms and entryways and decided to take the plunge. I love how the brick flooring adds warm, character and integrity to homes old and new. {Photo credit: Phoebe Howard, Traditional Home}



Let’s start with a little Q&A! 

Q: Another blogger asked “Help! I’m about to order the same brick veneers you used in your mudroom for my bathroom floor but on Lowe’s it says they’re for walls only and not suitable for floors. How have yours held up?” 

A: I had our flooring guy who we know and trust to evaluate it first. He approved the product, so we moved forward with installation. Nearly 2 years later and we still love them without issue!

Q: “Is the brick floor warm or cold to walk on in sock feet?”

A: Slightly warmer than tile, but we used it in a space where we’re rarely barefoot. 

Q: “Did you use grout?”

A: No, our installer first laid a cement backer board and used mortar making it look and feel as authentic as it is.

Q: “How do you clean them?”

A: Before I respond, please don’t judge, okay? We don’t, really. That’s the beauty of it. The brick flooring gets vacuumed weekly and the occasional mop. If something really gunky happens, I break out a scrub brush {only happened once}. They wear beautifully and only look more charming with time. It’s nice to have a fuss-free space, especially the one that attracts the most dirt. I personally love how the mortar between catches rocks, dirt, etc so that they aren’t brought into the rest of our home. 


brick flooring details, how to clean and pros and cons

I selected a grout in a medium color {not too light, not too dark} that looked a little dirty. 

The brick we selected is a very close match to our brick exterior and fireplace, making it feel like it was always there. You can find the brick here.

As always, I’m happy to answer any questions you have. 


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16 comments on “Brick Flooring”

  1. Julie,
    Lovely post. I have always loved your mudroom and powder room, and the brick flooring “makes” the space. I have terra cotta floors throughout our house, and I love it. Does not show dirt, vacuums easily, and an occasional damp mop.

  2. Wow. That brick flooring really is gorgeous. It really makes me think of the southern plantation houses that I used to see in Virginia. The fact that it’s also so easy to maintain sounds perfect. ????

  3. Hi Julie~ The link you provided to Lowe’s re the brick…. Is that the same color you used and if not, could you specify which color you did use? It’s lovely!

  4. Exactly the look I’m wanting in my kitchen. My worries are the transition to the connecting rooms which have wood floors. How are these height wise? Especially if I need to add the backer board to it as well. Thanks for your help. ~Kelly

    • Mine are the same height as my wood floors and yours should be as well – your wood should be the same thickness as the pavers/backer, but they can always adjust your subfloor if needed. I hope that helps!

  5. I’ve admired your brick floors for a while on Instagram, learning about easy they are to take care of I’m wanting them even more! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi Julie! The floor is gorgeous! I would love to go for something similar in my home, possibly in the garage entry/bathroom/laundry area. Do you think it would hold up to a busy dog as well as occasional water spillage? I am having trouble finding a tile person in the Kansas City area who will install something like this (most are requiring I purchase from their own showroom). Can you share who you used? Thanks!

    • You need to go through a flooring installation company versus flooring store. I used Sticks and Stones in St. Louis, I wish I had a recommendation there for you! Realtors tend to be great referral resources.

  7. Hey Julie, we’re buying a home built in the 50’s that has the original brick flooring. We’d like to lighten them up with a glazed/white finish (not sure what its called), more like your pictures. Do you know any “how to” sites on this technique?

    • I’m sorry Tim, I don’t! How lucky to inherit brick flooring though! I’d leave it to an expert because it’s an area that will easily wear.

  8. Hello– Absolutely love your brick floors and have decided to put something very similar in our house.  One gentleman told me I needed to have them sealed so that they would ‘hold up’.  Was your brick sealed?  Thanks so much!

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