Sherwin Williams Creamy is exactly what it sounds like… a delightful, warm, rich cream paint color that works beautifully in a variety of spaces in your home. Get all the details in this deep dive into SW 7012!

Bonus! This color is a perfect match to Pottery Barn Kid’s white furniture lines. That means it’s a great way to save you money – use it for a furniture revamp to get the look for less!

Girl bedroom with white walls and a desk painted in SW 1072
A desk painted in Sherwin Williams Creamy
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For those of you who follow along, you know how passionate I am about finding the right white for every room. But I also love pretty white furniture! Finding the right white can be difficult, so I’m breaking them all down for you here.

Years ago, I requested a Pottery Barn Kids white furniture sample to have it color matched at Sherwin Williams. It has always felt like the perfect white furniture paint, even though we couldn’t afford the large pieces.

It turned out there was no need, there was nearly an identical match which would become one of my favorite cream color paints!

Sherwin Williams Creamy

We have painted so many vintage furniture pieces with Sherwin Williams Creamy through the years including Adalyn and Ani’s beds, Adalyn’s dresser, Ani’s desk and so much more!

girls bedroom with a white dresser painted in Sherwin Williams Creamy
A vintage dresser painted in Sherwin Williams Creamy

It’s a soft, warm white that is classic, but not stark. It’s one of my favorite Warm Whites and I just know you’re going to love it, too!


  • Warm white paint for walls
  • Painting trim white 
  • Warm white furniture paint
  • Painting cabinets
  • Exteriors


  • Bright
  • Warm
  • Soft


Creamy is a warm color with a touch of yellow undertone.

Creamy LRV

The LRV of Sherwin Williams Creamy is 81, making it a little brighter and more reflective than Zurich White which is a 76.

The house pictured above reminds me so much of my favorite White Brick House, which is painted in Benjamin Moore Simply White – another great option to check out!

Recommended Sheens

SW 7012 is excellent for walls, trim, cabinetry and of course, furniture. With that said, I tend to choose an eggshell paint for walls, flat for ceilings, and then a semi-gloss for cabinetry, trim and furniture.

Get all the details about Paint Sheens here, and dig deeper into them with these guides:


  • traditional
  • transitional
  • country
  • cottage
white and pink girls bedroom
SW Creamy on bed and nightstand, BM Soft Chamois on the walls

Colors to Pair SW 7012 With

Trim Paint to Pair SW 7012 With

Ceiling Paint to Pair SW 7012 With

I like a flat, bright white ceiling paint sometimes, and other times I like to use the same color we have on the walls. It often depends on lighting and how much yellow undertone shows in our cream paint.

  • Paint your ceiling in Creamy, too, if you’d like!
  • Learn more about Ceiling Paint here.


  • Sample – I recommend starting with removable paint samples and then testing your favorites prior to committing.
  • Test near your finishes like flooring and cabinetry. Look at paint color morning, afternoon and evening.
  • Learn about LRV before choosing your paint – it really is one of the most significant tools we have to understand the light and bright details of a color.

Print this complimentary paint color chart  to keep our paint colors organized for quick touch-ups!

A girl's bedroom with desk and bed painted in Sherwin Williams Creamy

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sherwin Williams Creamy look yellow?

No, it’s a warm white. Not dirty, not yellow, not blue. A great in between for any lighting situation!

What is the difference between beige and cream?

Beige tends to have more of mixture of yellow, green and gray undertones, whereas cream will generally have more of a yellow undertone.

Is cream darker or lighter than beige?

Cream is generally lighter than beige. It’s technically more of an off-white, whereas beige runs the gamut of deeper to lighter neutral shades darker than whites and creams.

Color Comparisons

SW Dover White vs SW Creamy

Creamy is truly more of a creamy white, while Dover White has stronger yellow undertones. Dover White can read as significantly more yellow in certain lighting situations, although it has a slightly higher LRV at 83 vs the Creamy LRV of 81.

BM White Dove vs SW Creamy

White Dove and Creamy are very similar colors, with White Dove coming in with a slightly higher LRV, reading as more a touch brighter in comparison. The LRV of White Dove is 85 and the background is just a little more greige instead of yellow.

BM Swiss Coffee vs SW Creamy

Swiss Coffee is an incredibly popular color, and with good reason. Shae McGee uses Swiss Coffee (at 75%) and it’s got a very comparable LRV to Creamy, at 83 vs 81. Swiss Coffee has a touch more of a green undertone than Creamy.

Benjamin Moore Equivalent to Creamy

Check out Benjamin Moore Marble White for a very similar color to SW Creamy.

What do you think? Are you a fan of this color? I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Hi Julie  I have creamy on all my trim and doors but need to update my walls in main rooms – dining, entry, and kitchen. Looking for a white with slight grey to compliment the creamy trim as I do not want to redo all doors and trim. The hardwoods are a warm oak. Any suggestions?  Thank you. 

    1. I’ve strayed away from grays, but something like Soft Chamois or Zurich White might give you the look you want – a little dusty hint in both. You can read more about them under my paint color tab. Enjoy!

  2. Hi Julie,  I have tried to post on your site but for some reason it does not post?  I am trying again:). Would you ever use creamy on trim and soft chamois on walls?  the rooms I am painting border my kitchen with Navajo whitish cabinetry?  Any advice appreciated:)

    1. I’m receiving them – I have it set so they only go live when I approve because I was receiving a lot of spam. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

  3. Hi Julie. Love your site!!  Just what I was looking for. I have a traditional home with 2 story entry looking back to our kitchen where you see our cabinetry.  Our cabinets are about bm Navajo white.  I wanted to do my trim creamy?  I fear white may be too stark next to my cabinets? Do you think soft chamois with creamy trim would work together?  

    1. Are you looking at painting your kitchen/cabinets? I’d probably do Navajo White on the walls for your kitchen, personally. You can see how our kitchen looks tone on tone here.

  4. Hi Julie. I love the SW paint color Creamy.  We’ve Used it in hallways. Question:  my living area has honey oak Trim and oak floors.  Do you think Creamy would be a good wall color?  What other choices do you recommend?   I’d like to brighten the  space but not have it stark. Current walls are more dingy color maybe like antique white.   

    1. Creamy would be perfect because it’s warm, which gives you that cozy feeling you are looking for and will play well with the cabinets. Antique white is pretty yellow.