An entryway (or foyer if you want to sound more formal and traditional) is the sweetest little preview of the style of your home. But what can you do with your foyer design?

Let this space tell the story of your family and your home with a few simple touches that give it a warm, welcoming glance into the rest of your house.

We’re here to inspire you to tackle this space with little touches of function and decor.

Foyer design: A white entryway with a wooden door and a rug.
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Welcome to our home! I tend to think of a foyer like an invitation. It’s an invitation sets the tone for an event, in the sense that it tells you what to expect and welcomes you. I like our foyer design to do the same – welcome guests and set the tone for our home.

It’s an often neglected space, but when defined with a cozy and welcoming style, it can make a home feel warm. Most foyers don’t require much, but a few touches can add function and special elements of cozy decorating to the space.

A staircase with a wooden bench in a foyer design.

What is a Foyer?

A foyer is the entrance to your home, and the first space that guests see as they enter. There is often a coat closet for storing items if guests are visiting, or even a bench for shoes.

However, a foyer can contain a wide variety of items and it helps to tell the story of your home.

While sometimes a foyer feels spacious, in many homes it’s a tight space, often connecting and opening up to a formal dining or living room.

It’s easy to define this space with built-in pieces or freestanding furniture that can help create the welcoming feeling you desire.

Whether it’s furniture items, a specific paint color, or storage pieces, it’s possible to imbue the space with a more intentional and welcoming feeling.

A white foyer design with a Dutch door, box trim moulding on the walls and hardwood floors.

Foyer Design

Here’s how we approached this space!

  1. Start with the basics. When we moved in, we opened up the space by eliminating a coat closet that made the entryway feel too confined.
  2. We then added white oak floors.
  3. A Dutch door was something we waited many years for – and it was worth the time and investment!
  4. During a recent makeover, we also added picture frame moulding to help define the space.
  5. We painted the space in a pretty soft white,
  6. Your lighting design should have a focal point in your foyer, even if your ceilings are low like ours! Read about flush mount lanterns here.
  7. Don’t forget artwork! Read more about our Intaglios here. We’re still searching for the perfect piece for the space by the door – any suggestions?
  8. Consider seating, if you have the space. We added a rustic wooden bench for a little historic charm. Storage is important in every room of our home – we have a pretty wooden chest in our foyer too.
  9. Indoor outdoor rugs are wonderful in foyer design!
  10. Last but not least, accessorize! I love utilitarian pieces like boot trays and umbrella holders for charm that also functions beautifully for our family.
A white foyer design with box trim moulding on the walls and hardwood floors.


  • Don’t forget to breathe a little welcoming life into your foyer with a plant, or even fresh or faux flowers! It’s one of my favorite ways to create a cozy home.
  • This is a great place to incorporate outdoor fabric in upholstery or pillows if you’re worried about wear and tear.
  • Need practical storage? Don’t miss our guides to brass hooks and peg rail to add function to your entryway.
A white foyer design with a Dutch door, box trim moulding on the walls and hardwood floors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a foyer the same as a mudroom?

Traditionally, mudrooms tend to be located off of a rear or kitchen entrance in a home. Mudrooms are considered more casual, and are used by the family more than as a way to welcome guests.

How can I make my entryway more luxurious?

More is not always more! Choose items wisely and invest in long-term pieces like light fixtures that will stand the test of time. Adding higher end art pieces gives the space a feeling of luxury and warmth.



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A white foyer design with a Dutch door, box trim moulding on the walls and hardwood floors.

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