These are the best, tried and true easy appetizers for a crowd. You’ll find 20 incredible recipes – everything from make ahead dips to hot appetizers that serve a group!

Entertaining doesn’t have to be complicated – simplify your life with these delicious and easy appetizer recipes!

A white bowl full of veggie dip, surrounded by cut vegetables.
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I’ve written a lot about appetizers over the years! In fact, I’ve always said that I would generally just be happy to stick with side dishes and appetizers… I can often skip the main dish entirely!

In my catering and event planning years, it was easy to see which appetizer recipes were successful time and again. These are the very best appetizers that are also incredible crowd pleasers!

Check out these guides: 35 Of The BEST Easy Dip Recipes For Parties, Bacon Appetizers, The Best Super Bowl Recipes, Easy Summer Appetizers and even Make Ahead Appetizers for Christmas.

I love creating these recipe collections because it makes it so easy to find all the best recipes for any occasion! Unlike my guide for Easy Hors d’Oeuvres, each one of these recipes gives you a lot of servings.

They are guaranteed party success stories because they serve a large crowd! Let’s get this party started, friends.

A graphic featuring four different images of easy appetizers for a crowd. Title reads "20 Easy Appetizers for a Crowd"

20 Easy Appetizers for a Crowd

Click through on the image or the title to find the printable recipe card for each of these ideas!

Viral Veggie Dip

Get the secret that makes our veggie dip stand above the rest! It’s always a hit, and it’s one of our favorite family recipes.

In fact, it’s my top recommendation for one of the BEST easy appetizers for a crowd – it serves 24 guests as written, so sometimes we’ll halve the recipe for a smaller group!

Irresistible Veggie Dip Recipe

This is the best veggie dip recipe that will have everyone begging for the recipe! This vegetable dip makes a large batch perfect for get-togethers.  Read More

5 mins

Artichoke Dip

An easy, creamy Artichoke Dip that is full of flavor and makes enough for 12! It’s the ultimate appetizer that pairs well with beer bread, sourdough, veggies and more!

Baked Artichoke Dip

This easy baked Artichoke Dip Recipe is a hot artichoke dip with cream cheese and mayo that pairs well with beer bread, sourdough, veggies and more. One bite and you’ll know why this is a classic favorite! Read More

25 mins

Cream Cheese Spinach Dip

I absolutely crave a creamy spinach dip! There’s nothing better on game day, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve or any other excuse to dip into spinach dip.

I make spinach dip with cream cheese and Monterey Jack cheese to achieve the creamiest, cheesiest spinach dip! This recipe makes 12 servings and it’s so easy to double, too.

Cream Cheese Spinach Dip

This cream cheese spinach dip is quick and easy to prepare, making it a great last minute appetizer that feels anything but last minute. Read More

20 mins

Marinara Goat Cheese

This is a classic at Spanish tapas bars, and with good reason. It’s filling, delicious, and affordable, too – a great way to serve a big crowd!

Goat Cheese and Marinara Dip

Marinara Goat Cheese Bake (queso de cabra con tomate) is an easy 3 ingredient, 5 minute appetizer! This goat cheese appetizer is always a crowd pleaser. Read More


Creamy Jalapeño Dip

This dip is an easy option to throw together and serve a crowd – in fact, it serves 20! It’s a stand out dip that’s perfect for parties, tailgates and will have everyone talking!

Creamy Jalapeño Dip

This Creamy Jalapeño Dip is an easy dip recipe to throw together and serve a crowd! It’s a stand out dip that’s perfect for parties, tailgates and will have everyone talking! Read More

25 mins

Dill Dip

This creamy dip recipe is an easy make-ahead appetizer you can serve with vegetables, chips, crackers, and bread!

Easy Dill Dip Recipe

Classic and flavorful, this easy dill dip recipe is always a crowd-pleaser for holidays, game days and summer gatherings. The flavors really pop in this dill veggie dip with the help of dried herbs and spices (hello, Beau Monde!). This creamy dip recipe is an easy make-ahead appetizer you can serve with vegetables, chips, crackers, and bread! Read More

5 mins

Mini Tacos

These will put some serious fun back into your next gathering! This recipe makes 30 tiny tacos – perfect easy appetizer for a crowd.

Mini Tacos

Mini tacos are such a fun and festive party food! They are easy to customize and easy to eat in multiples – because who doesn’t love a miniature version of their favorite food? Make these mini chicken tacos or mini beef tacos and put some serious fun back into your next gathering! Read More

30 mins

Mascarpone Fruit Dip

Not every appetizer needs to be savory – parents are always thrilled to see a fruit option in a display of decadent appetizers.

Fruit Dip with Mascarpone

This is an easy three ingredient, five minute mascarpone dip recipe that can be whipped up in no time. Rich and creamy with decadent ingredients, this mascarpone dip is going to be a recipe family and friends beg you to share!  Read More

5 mins

French Onion Dip

Rich and flavorful French Onion dip is a crowd pleasing appetizer for game day, get togethers and more! It is easy to make with simple ingredients to serve with chips and crudités. You’ll love this make ahead dip that serves 12!

Homemade French Onion Dip

This easy French Onion Dip is an easy crowd pleasing appetizer. Golden caramelized onions add amazing flavor in every creamy bite! Read More

35 mins

Blue Cheese Dip

It’s the perfect addition to holiday get-togethers, tailgates, game day and more! It pairs well with chips, veggies and chicken wings and serves 12 guests.

Blue Cheese Dip

This blue cheese dip recipe is made with just five ingredients in less than five minutes. It’s got an incredible texture and flavor you’re going to love.  Read More

5 mins

Velveeta Cheese Dip

We took a classic dip and upgraded it with fresh cream and fresh vegetables like diced tomatoes, poblano and jalapeño peppers, onion, cilantro, and lime.

These simple upgrades take it to a whole new level – and this dip serves 16.

Velveeta Cheese Dip

Velveeta Cheese Dip is the perfect appetizer for any event! Velveeta Dip is made with Velveeta cheese, fresh cream, and fresh vegetables including diced tomatoes, poblano and jalapeño peppers, onion, cilantro, and lime. Quick and easy to make and ready to serve in 10 minutes! Read More

10 mins

Ham and Cheese Sliders

Perfect for any party! You’ll love these mini hot ham and cheese sliders, for game day, the Super Bowl, and an easy dinner even your kids will love!

They are a great potluck dish because they work as a hearty crowd-pleasing appetizer or an easy to serve main dish.

Hot Ham and Cheese Sliders

The ultimate ham and cheese sliders – a hot ham and cheese sandwich that melts in your mouth. These make such an easy dinner, and they’re great to feed a crowd for game day! Read More

12 mins

Bacon Cheese Dip

This creamy mix of bacon, cheddar, cream cheese and sour cream topped with green onion is irresistible!

This warm dip comes together quickly with simple ingredients and is low carb and keto friendly. It’s one of the very best easy appetizers for a crowd because the ingredients are just universally loved.

Amazing Bacon Cheese Dip

This is an incredibly easy bacon cheese dip recipe that’s always a favorite for game day or get togethers! This… Read More

30 mins

Corn Dip

This corn dip recipe is perfect for picnics and parties because it’s served chilled! It’s a cold corn dip with jalapeños, green onions, cheese and amazing flavor!

Crazy Good Corn Dip

This heavenly corn dip is perfect for picnics, parties, game day, holidays and more. With just a few ingredients and easy steps, you can whip up this crack corn dip in minutes!  Read More

5 mins

Chipotle Corn Salsa

This corn salsa recipe is a fresh and easy dip that is perfect for parties because it’s unique, flavorful and serves 12 guests.

Corn Salsa

This Chipotle Corn Salsa Recipe is a fresh and easy dip or topping for tacos, quesadillas, burritos and more! Add this Chipotle Corn Salsa to your burrito bowls for the ultimate Chipotle copycat.  Read More

5 mins

Bacon Popcorn

This flavorful popcorn is great to feed a crowd – it’s inexpensive and makes a lot! Bacon popcorn is the ultimate savory snack.

It feels like such a treat but it’s so easy to make with just two ingredients! It’s so easy to add a little extra flavor to your homemade stovetop popcorn. Perfect for movie night and entertaining!

Bacon Popcorn

Bacon popcorn is the ultimate savory snack. It feels like such a treat but it’s so easy to make with just 2 ingredients! It’s so easy to add a little extra flavor to your homemade stovetop popcorn. Perfect for movie night and Super Bowl entertaining! Read More

10 mins

Cheese Balls

Click through for our complete cheese ball recipe collection – you’ll get 12 options! Cheese balls are one of the best easy appetizers for a crowd, because they are so filling and protein-packed.

Plus, they serve beautifully with a wide variety of dippers and can be made ahead.

12 Easy Cheese Ball Recipes

Get all the details on everyone’s favorite retro-inspired appetizer, the cheese ball! These easy cheese ball recipes are such a fun, classic way to serve a crowd.  Read More

10 mins

Seven Layer Dip

This is a classic dip that is updated with a fresh, modern spin. Perfect for Cinco de Mayo, game days and beyond, this dip is the ultimate party food! 

Seven Layer Dip

This is a classic Mexican inspired 7 layer dip that is seasoned to perfection! With this updated and flavorful 7 layer dip, your friends and family will be clamoring for more.  Read More

10 mins



  • If you’re hosting a larger group, include a variety of appetizers to accommodate any allergies or restrictions.
  • Calculating your servings? 1/4 of a cup is generally considered to be a serving size for dip recipes.
  • Most of these recipes feature at least 12 servings, but don’t hesitate to double or triple a recipe that appeals to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular appetizers?

Our most popular appetizer recipes are this irresistible veggie dip, baked artichoke dip and a perennial favorite, this easy Dill Dip Recipe.

How do you keep dips hot at a party?

Use a small slow cooker! They make it easy to transport and keep your dips warm.

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