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Pressed Botanical Wall Art

An easy, inexpensive, and quick way to get beautiful pressed botanical wall art!
Course DIY
Total Time 15 minutes
Author Julie Blanner



  • stem from the plant of choice {herbs, ferns, flowers}
  • several sheets of white paper
  • mounting paper or linen trimmed to the size of your frame
  • spray adhesive
  • frame


  • For thicker flowers, place two pieces of paper in the middle of the book, center your stem, close and stand on your book to press the flower. 
  • Place a few sheets of paper on hard surface/ironing board. Position your stem and add 2 sheets of paper on top. 
  • Iron your stem, without steam on medium-high heat, with pressure, lifting rather than continuously moving the iron. Hold down a few seconds at a time, then move to the next area. Continue until you do the entire stem once.
  • Replace your paper, reposition if needed {stem will still have moisture and be flexible} and repeat until stem is completely dry. Moisture and oils will transfer to your paper. 
  • Position your stem on your mounting paper/linen. Using a toothpick, line the flower with glue and carefully adhere, using tweezers to manipulate it, remove a piece, etc if needed.
  • Frame your new pressed botanical wall art by spraying adhesive on the back of your picture frame or a flat cardboard insert and press your paper carefully on the back so that it lays flat and in position.