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flowers made simple - easy floral arrangements for shower, centerpiece, Easter

I make floral arrangements almost weekly, none of which are a lot of effort, but they bring me so much joy. I love the way they make both me and our home feel.

I have a case of the Mondays today, so I may have to run to the grocery store to pick up a few blooms. Anyways, I hadn’t intended to write about this arrangement that graced our home last week for my spring home tour, but after receiving a text from my friend Amanda, I felt compelled to do so.

You see, sometimes I throw flowers in a vase in the sink “just in case”. Flowers with good intentions, but really no time or need. That’s how this pretty arrangement started.

My sister and I had lunch and she wanted to run into Trader Joe’s. I can hardly stop in there without picking up some flowers. A couple bunches of eucalyptus and a few roses later {$11), we were heading home. I asked her to grab a vase to put in the sink so I could get them in water.

You can watch step by step how to create a similar rose and eucalyptus arrangement in the video I created below!

It was a busy day with far too much to do, but every time I passed by those beauties I realized they were stunning just as they are. Sometimes we create too much work for ourselves and overlook the beauty before us.

So, I started with the basics of floral arrangements:

cut the rose stems at an angle so they can enjoy fresh water {at least an inch, but I removed 4″ from these stems}

removed leaves that would fall below the neck of the vase

Then I simply put the stems in front and watched how they naturally laid. Just a couple adjustments of pulling a stem and placing it between others for a full look and I had a beautiful, dramatic centerpiece. The always drapey seeded eucalyptus did the rest of the work.

how to make simple floral arrangements or centerpiece in minutes

Nothing ground breaking, right? So I shared my spring home tour, went on about my busy week and received a message from Amanda that brightened my day. She said “I am making my big debut as a florist. I found your post about making floral arrangements and it helped me to create this. Feeling pretty proud!” She went on on to say “I used your tips, ran to Trader Joe’s last minute to pick up supplies and I can’t stop staring at it.”  Now if I know Amanda, I know she’s blushing. But all is fair in love and war and this little message made me blush. I was elated that one of my flower arranging tutorials had not only inspired her, but given her the confidence to go for it and create something she’s proud of. Guess what? It’s even prettier than my simple centerpieces.

Yes, this flower arrangement may be simple, but if it helps just one person gain confidence in creating something beautiful for their home, friends or family, my job is complete and my heart is full.


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