This simple Mother’s Day table setting is perfect for sharing the love with the mothers in your life… or anyone you want to celebrate!

Learn how to make these sweet, charming floral arrangements for Mother’s Day decor with a memorable photograph tucked in for an extra-special touch.

Your Mother’s Day celebration doesn’t have to be complicated! Celebrate her with a few special touches that make the day feel important.

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This simple Mother’s Day table setting is composed of several individual flower arrangements that double as place cards and triple as take home favors!

Collectively, they fill the table, yet still leave plenty of room for delicious things like bacon cheese puffs and a 5 minute strawberry tart.

The arrangements were composed of everyday flowers available at the grocery store. Learn all my key tips for how to shop for Trader Joe’s Flowers, as well as the secrets to Be Your Own Florist!

I never need much of an excuse to brunch, but I love to have an excuse to make a simple celebration feel special. Mother’s Day decor doesn’t have to be complicated, I promise!

Why You’ll Love this Mother’s Day Table Setting

  • Perfect centerpiece
  • Doubles as a favor or gift for her to take home
  • Great for brunch, lunch or dinner
  • So easy to make yourself
  • Save time and money
Simple Mother's Day Table Setting Idea that doubles as place cards & triples as favors!

What You Need for this Mother’s Day Decor Project

How to Arrange Flowers in a Mug

  1. I always start working with the largest blooms first. Fill a vase, mug or glass with water and then cut the stem at an angle and place it in the front of the “vase”.
  2. Next add stock to give it some height! I use stock in various ways – you’ll see I left the lighter stock as is, where it comes to a point at the top, but I cut the peach stock just above a bloom making it appear larger {and shorter}.
  3. I used wax flower to fill in.

Playing with flowers is fun, there’s no perfect way to create one and each one is unique. I added a mother/daughter photograph using bamboo skewers {found at the grocery store}, cardstock and a hot glue gun. Just cut your bamboo skewer to the proper height. So easy!

Love a good photo project? Learn How to Print on Fabric here, and find out how to make these amazing Photo Vases here!

Beautiful Mother's Day brunch table setting idea with diy flower arrangements that double as take home favors

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