DIY Window Bench Seat

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Adalyn loves spending time in her window nook, relaxing and reading books. I can’t blame her, the sun shines in through the trees and it’s the perfect fit for her.  I would have loved to have one as a child!  I wanted to make it just a little cozier.  I started by searching for one online.  No thanks.  I’m not going to spend 100’s of dollars on this piece.  Instead, I spent 25 minutes and $25 making one.


First, I measured the inside of the window, allowing a .25 allowance for the perfect fit.  I had Chris cut the board to size.  It didn’t even take him 5 minutes.

Then, I placed my board on the foam and traced with a permanent marker.

I placed the foam on cardboard and using a sharp knife slowly cut along the line, ensuring a smooth, clean edge.

I happened to have some spray adhesive, so to make the next step even easier, I adhered the foam to the board.  You can easily skip this step.

Next, I laid my fabric down on the floor and positioned the “seat” on it.  Sure, you should iron it.  It’s just not my thing.  I avoid it at all costs!

Pull the fabric taught and using a staple gun, adhere the fabric to the wood.  Good news?  Make your corners on the sides of the seat vs the front and they’ll never be seen!
I love how it maximizes the space in her room.  I like utilizing every inch!
By creating your own window seat, you get the perfect fit.  As you’ll see above, it fits the space snugly, exposing just the rounded lip of the molding.
Adalyn loves it, and frankly, so do I!  It might be my new hideaway.
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DIY window bench - create your own reading nook with this easy step-by-step tutorial!

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