How to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

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As part of my Simple Guide to an Organized Life, I’m sharing tips on how I have been organizing my kitchen – one step at a time. I had to rethink some of our cabinets and what works. One of my biggest frustrations is the amount of plastic that comes with children. While I didn’t want to eliminate them, storing them in the cabinets with our cups, plates and bowls wasn’t working for me. You pull one cup out and they all topple over, they’re not pleasing to the eye, and did I mention, I just don’t love them?
With all of the “found” space, I was able to create a cabinet for plastics next to the standard dish cabinet and within close proximity to the dishwasher. The sippy cups are now on the lower shelf {vs the upper} making them easier to reach and less likely to topple. All of the inconsistencies are isolated to this one cabinet.
Eliminating plastics from my glassware and everyday dish cabinets allowed them to be more organized – and so much prettier! Doesn’t the white interior make the dish ware pop?
You may also recall that I started the process by cleaning out the cabinets. That included eliminating any mismatched pieces – if they weren’t part of a set, they were donated. Again, it’s a simple trick to keeping a cabinet organized. And sure, I could have run the dishwasher before photographing for this post so that I had all of the glassware present, but how realistic would that be?
Removing the plastics from the cabinet below provided space for the two cake pedestals I use most often. I tried to keep in mind how often I use items when going through this process.
As the Carpenters would say, “We’ve only just begun.” I have a lot of unique kitchen storage ideas coming up! Click here for my previous kitchen organization post and follow me on Bloglovin and Facebook, pin with me on Pinterest and go behind the scenes on Instagram.Coordinately yours,Julie

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