Sometimes you just need a quick fix or a simple solution! Fortunately, there are so many amazing Amazon Gadgets that make life easier, or just a little more beautiful.

We’ve compiled our favorites so that you don’t have to sort through them all!

There are so many cool gadgets on Amazon, it’s challenging to sift through them all! I’m sharing the hidden gems that we can’t live without that have helped streamline our lives.

A white kitchen with white cabinets and a vase of flowers, enhanced with a few amazon gadgets.
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While you may not have realized it, you have seen some of the best gadgets on Amazon right here! In fact, so many of them are discreet secrets to design to hide cords, use beautiful light fixtures and more!

I love chatting about my favorite Amazon finds with you! Find my favorite Amazon pillows right here! If you enjoyed my Amazon Art, Amazon Home, Amazon Prime and Amazon Gadgets posts, I hope you love this one, too.

A graphic with a floral background, full of images of Amazon gadgets.

The Best Amazon Gadgets

At the top of this list, here are a few of the best gadgets we’ve purchased in the past few months…

A pair of beige hooks on a white background.

Purse Hooks

For your car! These are so handy and help keep your purse off the floorboards!

A white wall mounted charging station with several cables attached to it, perfect for all your Amazon gadgets.

Adhesive Cord Organizer

This little five pack makes any charging situation more streamlined.

A white wall outlet with two lights on it, available on Amazon.

Nightlight Outlet

So easy to install, and frees up your outlets! Can’t sing the praises of these enough.

An Amazon charger with a cord attached to it.
        A pack of green earphone clips with a pair of earphones, perfect for Amazon gadget enthusiasts.

Silicone Cord Straps

The easiest way to tidy up all your cords!

Organize and Simplify

An Amazon wallet with credit cards inside.

Car Document Organizer

It’s the little things in life! This is under $10 and instantly organized our gloveboxes.

An Amazon pink leather case with a cord attached to it for your gadgets.

Portable Measuring Tape

So handy to throw in your purse for shopping trips!

Handheld kitchen gadget, possibly a digital thermometer, with a simple design and two buttons.

Can Opener

If you’re tired of dealing with sharp, jagged edges or struggling to crank the handle of your old manual can opener, this one is a life-saver. Not sure how I lived without it!

Wireless Label Maker

If you’re looking to get organized in the new year, don’t skip this wireless label maker! It’s small for storage and oh-so-handy to have around.

A person holding an Amazon charger with a note attached to it.

Command Hooks

We use these for SO many things! To hang wreaths for our Minimalist Christmas decor, hanging wall planters, to create space in our baking and spice cabinet or to hide a cord along the back leg of furniture.

Rug Tape

Rug tape is one of my favorite design tips! It not only keeps a rug from moving, but also eliminates wrinkles, making it lay flat.

Oven Liners

An oven liner is the easiest way to maintain a clean oven – without chemicals! You simply place, remove to wipe clean as needed and replace in the oven.

Travel Gadgets

An Amazon power strip with a cord attached to it.

Travel Power Strip

If you’ve got kids, this is a game changer for devices!

An amazon gadget - a green phone with a charger attached to it.

Portable Charger

My favorite because it includes the cords!

A luggage scale with a strap attached to it, perfect for travel enthusiasts looking for convenient and reliable Amazon gadgets.

Digital Luggage Scale

If you’re an over-packer, this little scale will be so handy!

A white patio table and chairs with a gorgeous view of a lake.


Two white floor lamps on a white background, perfect for enhancing your space with stylish Amazon gadgets.

Led Lamps

As seen on our outdoor dining tables and kitchen countertops, perfect for countertop lighting and outdoor entertaining.

A patio furniture set for dinner on a deck at dusk.
A pair of pink tabletop stand, perfect for displaying your gadgets from Amazon.

Phone Stand

The girls have found these to be especially handy when watching tutorials for crafts, makeup and more – hands free!

Wooden Alarm Clock + Charger

It looks as good as it functions! And just $29.99, too.

Apple AirTag

Worried your luggage will make a transfer? An AirTag will allow you to track it (or anything) from your phone.

Smart Garage Door Sensor

This easy to install and use smart garage door doesn’t require a smart system to save you stress! In select areas you can even use it to allow Amazon delivery drivers to deliver packages inside your garage.

You can open and close your garage door from your home and even set it to ensure it closes at the same time every day so you can rest easy knowing your kids haven’t left it open.


Use a single smart speaker or pair with others to create a sound system throughout your home. We love them so much that we have them in both homes! They’re simple to set up and easy to use by voice or phone!


A person is holding a bottle of wine and admiring an Amazon gadget.

Champagne Bottle Stopper

If you enjoy a glass of champagne, you’ll know that it’s hard to store the bottle after it’s opened. These are so handy!

A glass of champagne next to a bottle of orange juice, perfect for Amazon gadgets enthusiasts.

Electric Candle Lighter

One of my favorite gadgets of this past year is this inexpensive little electric candle lighter! The charge lasts for ages, it’s so petite and discreet, and it makes a great gift alongside your favorite candle.

Cocktail Machine

Do you love frozen concoctions? Bring the bar home! Make margaritas, daiquiris, coladas, mojitos and smoothies in an instant! This frozen cocktail machine can whip up 72 ounces of frozen cocktails in a single cycle making it perfect for entertaining!

Outdoor Heater

Extend your season with this easy to turn on patio heater! It can warm a patio, table side and even add ambience! It’s easy to move so you can use it anywhere!

Dryer and Volumizer

In a pinch for time? Use this to dry and straighten or curl your hair! Bonus points for added volume and shine! This inexpensive Amazon gadget is a time saver!

Shower Head

This shower head is less than $18 and turns your shower into a spa! It’s highly rated by both Amazon users and our guests!


A candle warmer lamp with a ruffled glass shade.
Read more about one of our favorite gadgets, Lamp Warmers for Candles!

Candle Warmer Lamp

This is the coziest way to get the fragrance of your favorite candles without actually lighting them! We love ours!

A light switch with a blue and white polka dot pattern available on Amazon.

Chain Light to Switch

Do you have a pull chain light? You can make it a switch with a light kit without doing any electrical! It’s simple to install – with the twist of a light bulb! The stick on light switch doubles as a remote! Read more at the link above.

It even dims and works with Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant without a hub!

Motion Sensor Light Socket

Make any light motion activated with an adapter! It’s the easiest way to make any light motion activated! It’s great for both indoor and outdoor use!

Push Lights

These puck lights are great for a variety of purposes – including adding a hidden light source where you don’t have electricity!


Handheld Steamer

My number one gadget of the year HAS to be this handheld steamer – and it’s on sale right now! I can’t believe how beautifully this item works, and it’s great for travel.

Cordless Handheld Vacuum

This little gadget will change your life! It’s so handy, we couldn’t live without it now!

Trash Can Pullout

Last but not least, these hidden trash can pullout can be configured with so many cabinets – such a great way to hide your cans!

Sensor Trash Can

This touchless trash can makes it easy to open when you have messy hands or a handful! It operates via electric or battery, your choice! It even has an odor filtration system. We absolutely love ours!

girl waving hand at trash can to open

Steam Mop

A steam mop is the easiest way to clean tile floors and so much more! Say goodbye to dirty grout and effort spent cleaning!

Dyson Stick Vacuum

This lightweight cordless vacuum is easy to use for a quick cleanup but has the power of a full-size! Hang it in a closet or garage to keep it accessible!

Touch Up Kit

Have a scuff or nick? Don’t fret! Use a touch up pen and wax stick! I made my grandmother’s dining room set look like new with this $9.99 quick fix!


Step Stool

This step stool is not only simple and beautiful, but extremely functional and durable!

This folding step stool is also available here.

step stool

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  1. All the things are just amazing, specially love the rug tape, it is soo helpful and awesome. Thank for the sharing.

  2. i love your blog and have been following for a long time! could you provide the sources for the great sink in the photo with the frameless tv and the gorgeous mirror in on the buffet? spectacular pieces!