Get all the details on Sherwin Williams Rhinestone – one of our favorite light and bright neutral paint colors! It’s a soft, very pale gray color with the slightest blue undertone, and it works beautifully for brightening your home.

An all white kitchen with walls painted Sherwin Williams Rhinestone.
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Paint can be such a difficult decision. It’s always touted as an easy, inexpensive change in your home, but I completely disagree! It can be stressful to make a choice you know you have to live with for a long time.

It’s a big undertaking whether you are taking on a project yourself or hiring it out to professionals. It can be expensive and you don’t want to make any mistakes!

That’s why I am back with another great wall color resource for you! I love sharing our adventures with paint over the years- because while a white paint color might seem simple, it’s anything but.

Be sure to check out my posts on our neutral paint palette in our current home, the best cream paint colors, as well as a variety of detailed posts about specific colors we love. You can even find information about ceiling paint and painting trim white – I’ve covered it all!

A bathroom painted in SW Rhinestone, pedestal sink in foreground.

Sherwin Williams Rhinestone

Today I wanted to share about a very pretty, pale gray (almost white) color that we used in the colonial with great success.

In our kitchen, living roomhalf bath, and mudroom we used Sherwin Williams Rhinestone. It’s a soft gray, light and bright.

A white bathroom with walls painted in Sherwin Williams Rhinestone.

In fact, Rhinestone has a very slight blue undertone, which works for the clean, fresh feel I wanted for those spaces. It’s not a pure white, more of the softest possible gray.

In some lights it reads a little gray, in others a little blue, and many times it looks like a solid white! It’s so fresh and clean.

A bathroom painted in SW Rhinestone, pedestal sink in foreground.

I loved how it felt in different rooms of our home. In fact, it looked more white in our bathroom, but slightly more gray in our kitchen because we used a pure white paint for the cabinets there.

In our living room, it felt like more of a silvery gray. In the image below, you can see the slight contrast between trim and walls!

A neutral living room with walls painted in a soft gray called Sherwin Williams Rhinestone.

Details on Sherwin Williams Rhinestone

  • Rhinestone is on the paint charts as SW 7656.
  • Feels fresh and clean and often reads as a white, depending on lighting and trim.
  • A great neutral for anyone wanting a white+gray combo.
  • Looks great in West or East facing rooms especially – tends to read a little blue (and colder) in North and South lighting.
An all white kitchen with walls painted Sherwin Williams Rhinestone.

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I’d love to hear from you! Have you used Sherwin Williams Rhinestone anywhere in your home, or are you considering it as an option? Be sure to leave a comment, it helps me and other readers, too!

An all white kitchen with walls painted Sherwin Williams Rhinestone.

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I first used Rhinestone in my master bath. I wanted a light gray to go with my marble floor. Loved it so much that I used it in the master bedroom. It took on different hues of the room. Then I took it into the foyer. Next I used it with Indigo in the family room. My daughter used it at her house in two bathrooms. Each looks like a different color. One blue and one lightest gray. I love this color because it looks slightly different in each room but yet is very neutral. I plan to continue to use it in my house. For a ceiling color, I have used SW Dover White and love it. I keep my crown molding white and the Dover White gives a slight but nice contrast.

  2. I used this in my bedroom. I love that it reads blue sometimes. I did not use it on my ceiling which has agreeable gray and I just don’t like the combination. I don’t know if I should use it on my ceiling or what do you think would be a great match? Thanks

  3. I am so hesitant on choosing the right color. I have a dark wooded home currently painted in a yellow/gold that for me just sucks all the light out of the house. I’ll keep reading….

  4. I am currently looking to paint a condo we just purchased Rhinestone from Sherwin Williams. I am almost paralyzed at the thought of choosing a paint color. To professionally paint our condo is going to be expensive and I didn’t want to make a mistake and have to live with it for a decade. At one point I wanted a grey but didn’t want my condo to be dated in a few years, I looked at white but that seems too stark, I felt like this was the perfect combination. I wanted the condo to look bright, updated, clean but still love a silver/grey. I chose Rhinestone after holding some 1 X 1 foot squares up to a curtain that I love. This color brought out the greys and blues of the curtain and I hope I love it. Thanks for the tips!

  5. I am new to paint colours so I do the research of the information available on the internet, and bookmark the most interesting articles. The Rhinestone SW 7656 colour by Sherwin Williams has a HEX Code #DEEODE , which was referenced as a similar paint to Asian Paints’ Ice Grey 8259, HEX cODE #EOEODE, and both have the same Grayscale HEX Code #DFDFDF. Thanks for the interesting post which facilitate my decision on such a great matching paint, which will be utilised in my bedroom to capture the natural light from a north facing sunlight through 2 bedroom windows as the day progress to afternoon.