Get fast and easy ideas for turning any area of your yard into an outdoor living room.

There are so many ways to create a living room that you can enjoy in an array of weather. We’re going to show you all our favorite projects and inspiration to create the outdoor living room of your dreams!

A white screened porch completed with a DIY screen porch kit.
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Sometimes you don’t need a big makeover, just little tweaks to make your home feel more inviting. I love that the same decorating ideas that apply indoors can create incredible outdoor living design inspiration, too! 

Today I’m sharing some outdoor living room ideas that take very little time, but add a lot of ambience to your outdoor spaces.

It’s possible to take any outdoor space and turn it into a charming retreat that will add significant value to your home. We are lucky to have several outdoor living room spaces that we love, between our St. Louis home and our modern lake house getaway, just a couple hours down the road.

A white screened in porch with a basket pendant light and white furniture.

I love bringing you ideas for upgrading all the spaces in your home – it’s one of my favorite subjects to chat about!

A couple years ago, we invested in a new vinyl deck at the lake, which gave us the opportunity to create an outdoor living room below. Thanks to our underdecking, this space stays completely dry – it’s such a great way to spend an afternoon enjoying the water.

We recently added a new screen porch kit for an update that gave us a fabulous new outdoor living room in St. Louis.

A white living room with white furniture and a white coffee table, adorned with soft outdoor pillows.

Creating an Outdoor Living Room

I like to think of the exterior spaces of our home as living areas, so the decorating techniques you’ll see here are very similar to what we’d do indoors.

We are lucky enough to have a screened in porch that we now use as an outdoor living room where we can cozy up and watch movies together.

A wicker swing hanging from a porch, perfect for relaxing with outdoor pillows.

Whether it’s in your front yard or your backyard, or even a tiny space you carve off to the side somewhere, outdoor rooms can truly add square footage to your house. 

I love perusing the outdoor spaces in magazines and even real estate listings, because it’s just as much fun as looking at the interior of homes! There are incredible ways to upgrade your spaces – gorgeous landscape design, outdoor kitchens and more. 

However, those options aren’t always feasible and they’re certainly not fast, even if your budget eventually allows. These outdoor living room ideas are easy to implement, many of them in 10 minutes or less! 

A white porch with wicker furniture and a mirror adorned with outdoor pillows.

These ideas are not only easy to accomplish, they are often inexpensive, too! Learn how to create a cozy outdoor living room one step at a time.

A white screened-in porch with white furniture, perfect for outdoor living design.

Comfortable Furniture

Choose patio furniture that is comfortable. This is very important. I always consider comfort when we are contemplating a furniture purchase. 

We wanted our kitchen stools to be comfortable to encourage lingering at parties, and we wanted comfortable dining chairs so our guests would feel welcome for longer! 

The concept is the same for outside. If you want to truly linger in an outdoor living room, you need your furniture to be as comfortable as possible! Choose pieces with thick cushions and comfortable arms – you’ll never regret upgrading those key pieces.

Wicker Sofa

A classic wicker sofa can speak to a variety of different design styles. In fact, the Pacifica sofa from Serena and Lily can actually be used as an outdoor wicker sofa, or use it indoors – that’s for you to decide!  Read More



Use a Screened Porch Kit

It’s easier than you might think to convert an outdoor porch into a screened in space. When you’re dealing with summer humidity and bugs, screens can be a lifesaver!

Screen Porch Kits

Learn all about the different styles, options and brands of screen porch kits! This is a simple, yet comprehensive guide to walk you through the most popular types of porch enclosure systems.  Read More



Accent with Garden Stools

Add a side table if you’d like, but we love the size of these charming garden stools as they are perfect for holding a cup of coffee or a book.

Offer plenty of places to set books and drinks with side tables. These provide versatility and bring in another element to an otherwise matched set of furniture.

Ceramic Garden Stools

Learn how to incorporate beautiful ceramic garden stools into your home – both indoors and out! Ceramic stools can add a touch of garden charm to many areas of your home, and they make the perfect accent on patios, too. Read More




String lights, candle light and fixed lighting all add to a space. Lighting is just as important on the exterior of your home as it is on the inside.

It will truly add the ambiance that your home deserves.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Learn how to enhance your home with our outdoor lighting tips and tricks. From inexpensive string lights to higher end copper lanterns, there’s an idea to work for every home and every budget!  Read More



Define Space with a Rug

Define the living room area with a rug. Just like inside your house in a living room or dining room, a rug can define your living space and ground the elements in a furniture grouping.

This creates a cozy feeling and connects all your furniture (and people!)  when you’re sharing the space.

Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Learn why an indoor outdoor rug might be the best fit for high traffic rooms in your home! You’ll get the secrets for where to buy a quality indoor outdoor rug, maintaining and cleaning, and so much more!  Read More



Hang a Mirror

While artwork on the walls of your outdoor living room might not make sense, hanging a mirror certainly does! They reflect light and greenery and add a cozy, warm style to your space.

Rattan Mirrors

Rattan is having such a big moment in interior design right now! Learn all about rattan mirrors, including what styles they work with and where to buy them. Read More



Outdoor Pillow Covers

Pillows are a beautiful way to add comfort, color and patterns. They can be easily updated as your taste and trends change.

Similarly, add a throw! Is there anything more cozy? It makes you want to curl up on a chilly night, extending the use of your patio or deck. It’s also a great way to add a pop of color.

Outdoor Pillows

Learn the easiest way to give your spaces a new look with outdoor pillows!  Read More



Add Plants

Incorporate plants! They’re my favorite decorative element! Use them to add various heights, textures and colors. They’re also great to fill awkward corners.

How to Arrange Garden Pots

Learn how to arrange garden containers with tips, tricks and TRIED and TRUE techniques. You’ll learn design and planting methods that will create a beautiful show you’ll enjoy all summer long!  Read More



Add a Fire Element

Consider an outdoor fireplace for a true focal point in your outdoor areas. You can even add a more permanent pea gravel fire pit for a cozy gathering spot to make s’mores and enjoy family time! 

Solo Stove Review

The Solo Stove is a highly efficient wood burning fire without the smoke or cleanup. It’s perfect for backyard gatherings, camping and more! Get all the details from three years of personal experience. Read More



Serve from a Bar Cart

For parties on your patio, there’s nothing cuter or more practical than a bar cart. When you’re not using it for serving, they are so charming to hold plants and garden elements.

Rattan Bar Carts

Add a charming rattan bar cart to any space in your home for entertaining in style! These vintage inspired rattan carts instantly transport you to the tropical side of summer.  Read More



A white screened porch completed with a screened porch kit.

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  1. That looks so cozy. I also added petunia’s to my space and the smell in the evening is wonderful. My deck is covered, but I think they would do well in full sun also.

  2. I loved the wooden fixtures you recommended hanging in your garden or outdoor area. I’ve been meaning to spruce up my garden for a while, as I want it to be great for guests. I’ll have to find wooden fixtures, as it blends in well with the environment and helps give the area a great natural aesthetic.

  3. I like your ideas to find unique ideas for lighting and to get a bird feeder. We get a lot of hummingbirds in my neighborhood and I’d love to see them stick around my yard a bit more. When I can’t find the decor I’m looking for in stores, I usually like to check online because there’s a bigger selection online. This is especially helpful if I’m looking for something specific like a copper bird feeder.

  4. Do you find that the wicker type furniture holds up on an exposed deck area? Love the look but wondering how long it would last on an open deck. Think humid with occasional summer storms 🙂

    1. Not true wicker but mine is just made to look like wicker but made of weatherproof material. Wicker couldn’t tolerate the extreme weather we have in the Midwest for too many years.

  5. Your taste is impeccable! I am a less is more kind of girl, when it comes to decorating, so I love following your blog, and seeing how you transform a room, with classic, elegant, small touches of décor. Where did you get your lovely outdoor furniture from? It looks like exactly what I have been searching for.