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How to Arrange Garden Containers

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how to create potted garden containers that will bloom all summer long

Last night I hosted a workshop at charming Parkview Gardens in partnership with my friends at Wave Petunias with local colleagues – aka bloggers. It was fun getting to know fresh faces and seeing a few familiar friends, all over eats, drinks and beautiful blooms.

beautiful garden container ideas

beautiful garden planter ideas

We learned how to arrange garden containers – a task that has always overwhelmed me in the past. Claire Josephson from England shared tips and tricks to designing beautiful garden containers that will live all summer long and I’m excited to share them with you today!

how to plant garden containers that will last all summer

I love garden containers, especially for our porch, patio and between garage stalls, but I never knew how to arrange them, so I would throw a few things in that would inevitably die just weeks later. Little did I know these fun facts for garden containers:

how to make garden containers that will thrive

  • start with a container with holes for drainage 
  • you should fill with soil 2″ from the top
  • add soil to fill in after you add your flowers / plants
  • always water immediately after planting

It was fun to see how we were all offered the same planters and flowers but all created something unique from Claire Josephson’s tips. A variety of plants create the most beautiful garden containers. Choose from a few of these:

  • a plant that will offer height like angelonia, geraniums, coreopsis, or grasses in the back or the center learn how to create a potted plant for your porch that will bloom all summer
  • Wave Petunias which grow out, filling the pot and providing color how to create a potted garden that will bloom all summer long
  • fillers like pentas beautiful garden planter ideas
  • plants that trail out like lobelia, silver dichondra {which I used}, or alisons

how to create a potted garden that will bloom all summer long

My flower recipe included Wave Petunias, and silver dichondra trailing out of the pot. I used the height in the back, petunias and filler in the middle and dichondra in the front since it will be against a wall on our porch. I created mine in just 5 minutes! Who knew garden containers could be so quick and easy? You can find several more container recipes here to get you started. If you make one, tag me on Instagram, I’d love to see!

learn how to create a potted plant for your porch that will bloom all summer

how to create a potted garden that will bloom all summer long


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beautiful ideas for garden containers that will bloom all summer

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12 comments on “How to Arrange Garden Containers”

  1. Wave petunias are classically beautiful! Thanks for the planting tips too! I’m hoping to get a few containers planted this weekend.

    xo Michael

  2. What pretty pots! Such great tips- those petunias are my very favorites, they really do bloom ALL summer!

  3. Great tips! I wrote a few weeks ago, regarding your beautiful deck. You mentioned you hose it off to clean. What type of rug do I buy that could be hosed off? Thank you.

    • You should be able to click shop on my site to find it, but any indoor outdoor rug can be hosed off. My favorite are from Dash and Albert. Have a beautiful weekend!

  4. Beautiful! I love how creative and unique each pot can be. Great tips, thanks for sharing!

  5. Love all things flowers and I love container gardening.

  6. So lovely, Julie!!! I’m taking notes so I can have pretty container gardens, too!

  7. I love all the mixed pots. I’m going to try my hand at some this weekend. You all make it look easy!

  8. Creating mixed flower pots is one of my favorite things! Great post!!

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