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The Solo Stove is a highly efficient wood burning fire without the smoke or cleanup. It’s perfect for backyard gatherings, camping and more! Get all the details from three years of personal experience.

A few years ago, we purchased a Solo Stove in a kickstarter campaign. We were intrigued by smokeless fire, minimal cleanup and it’s portability.

We were skeptical, but quickly impressed! It fit all of our needs and made fires enjoyable! Gone are the days we smell like a campfire and our lungs are filled with smoke. We’re left with sweet family memories and hours spent laughing fireside while roasting marshmallows. (PS, it has the perfect embers for golden marshmallows!)

marshmallows roasting over solo stove fire pit

The Solo Stove’s sleek, minimal design is modern and fits seamlessly into your backyard or campout adding traditional campfire ambience. It’s simple to setup anywhere and easily transportable.

It can even be used inside of an existing stone fire pit. Simply leave 4-6″ around it for proper ventilation. It’s ready to go from the moment it arrives.

It delivers a large, impressive fire that will warm even the coldest of nights, without the fuss. It makes a wide area well beyond the fire feel nice and cozy.

It is designed with a double wall to create a burst of hot air over the fire, which reduces smoke, allowing you to sit closer without having smoke in your face or smelling like a campfire.

After you’ve enjoyed your fire, you’re simply left with super fine ash making cleanup a breeze.

We utilize our Solo Stove all summer at the lake cottage because it’s quick and easy to light on a whim to roast s’mores and effortless to cleanup, leaving more time for fun!

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fire burning out of solo stove

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How Solo Stoves Work

The Solo Stove fire pit is made of premium grade (304) stainless steel. It’s produced with a double-wall construction, allowing cooler outside air to come in through holes at the bottom, moving between the two walls.

Because this air is pre-heated, it reaches the top vent holes and then flows over the flame. This process creates a secondary burn, which is how the Solo produces such little smoke.

It’s incredible technology and one of the best purchases we’ve made!

chairs around fire pit

About the Solo Stove

Easy To Start

The Solo Stove is ready to go from the moment you take it out of the box. No need to use fire starter, accelerant, etc! It’s so simple.

How to Start a Fire in a Solo Stove

  1. As an additional safety precaution, clear a 5′ area of debris, twigs, etc.
  2. Place fire pit on level ground, preferably away from wind.
  3. Remove the cooking ring.
  4. Gather small twigs and break them into 3″ sections. Add twigs and dry timber into the solo stove.
  5. Light.
  6. Replace cooking ring.

Easy Cleanup

Wood logs burn completely into ash for easy cleanup.

To clean your Solo Stove, allow the fire pit to cool completely. Turn upside down to remove remaining ash (you’ll be surprised how little there is).

To clean the exterior, use Bar Keepers friend and a soft cloth.

Wood to Use with Solo Stove

As with any fire, using the best materials will yield the best results. Use dry hardwood like oak, hickory, maple, birch, poplar, elm, cherry, walnut, elm, apple and poplar. They burn completely making the most of your fire burning longer than soft wood and reducing maintenance.

Wet wood takes longer to burn and produces more smoke. Wood pellets are not recommended. They can fall through the grates and become stuck.


You do not need anything to accompany your Solo Stove, but should you choose to do so, an array of accessories are available.

  • Stand – Use with a heat sensitive surface, like a deck. Stores inside of fire pit when not in use.
  • Shield – Further reduces risk of sparks and embers.
  • Shelter – A cover to protect it from the weather and keep it dry when out in the elements.
  • Lid – A sleeker alternative to keep your fire pit dry when not in use.
  • Tools – Poker and log grabber.
chairs around solo fire pit

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  • Use a small amount of firewood at a time.
  • Use dry, clean burning wood.
  • Do not use accelerants (they’re not needed).
  • Do not put anything into the Solo Stove other than wood.


  • No fuel source.
  • Easy to light.
  • Minimal to no smoke and no smoke scent.
  • Minimal cleanup.
  • Portable.
  • Burns hot.
  • Lifetime guarantee.


  • The stove itself gets incredibly hot. Be cautious, especially with children.
  • Cost. It is significantly more than other portable fire pits, however, long-lasting and much more efficient.
  • Difficult to attain. Because they’re so popular, supply can’t keep up with demand. Don’t hesitate and order now.

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Can you put a Solo Stove on a deck?

The fire pit gets very hot. Use the stand on heat sensitive surfaces like wood or composite to protect the surface. Do not use in a covered space.

Is a Solo Stove worth the money?

If you’re looking for convenience, absolutely! It’s durable, has a lifetime warranty, easy to start and easy to clean. You won’t have to replace it like standard fire pits or pay to fuel it.

Does a Solo Stove keep you warm?

Yes! The fire burns hot warming the surrounding area.

Can you cook on a Solo Stove?

Aside from hot dogs and marshmallows, it is not suitable for cooking. The interior cannot easily be cleaned out if food or grease is dropped in. You can however use a grate and a pot.

Is the Solo Stove fire pit smoke-free?

While it’s not entirely smoke free, there is very little smoke put off by the Solo Stove. It creates a more comfortable experience around the fire, without smoke blowing in anyone’s eyes! Bonus: your clothes won’t smell like smoke either.

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