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Turning Our Screened In Porch into an Outdoor Room

How to turn a screened in porch into an outdoor room

When we purchased our home, I was reluctant about it because we have a gorgeous view, but from the main level it’s limited due to the deck & screened in porch. I love a good southern home with a screened in porch – off to the side, but I’m making the most of it & am really starting to love the idea! I want to take you along on my journey to turn our so so screened in porch into an outdoor room we’ll love & use often.

deck beforeThese are a couple photos prior to moving in to give you reference. I’m hoping the windows to the left will become french doors in the future!


The screened in porch felt like an old lake house – which I hope to have soon, but I wanted to make it feel warm, clean, & relaxing.

Industrial Curtain Rod - get a high end look for less with this tutorial for custom curtain rods

We started by making custom copper curtain rods. You can read more about them & the sheer panels here.

Screened in porch ideas
You know the formula for a makeover – paint! We started by painting the ceilings & the walls. Finally this weekend, we stained the floor & the transformation was everything I had hoped it would be! The walls & ceiling are Everyday White, the house wall & floor are Realist Beige. I would have done it all in everyday white if I had really thought through it all – but it’s not quite that simple because of the adjoining deck. More on that to come soon!
The room feels breezy, almost like we’re on vacation. I can’t wait to furnish it, but first…
Basket light fixture
You know I had to eliminate the ceiling fan. It was a rusted, warped & lightless ceiling fan. It didn’t have a thing going for it. To make the room feel more intimate, I wanted a pendant to hang down. If you like ceiling fans or want to find a way to make one work in your home, you’ll love this tip from Emily A Clark! It’s been a loooong weekend! Here are a few iPhone photos from our celebratory picnic tonight…
I’m starting to rethink & purchase pieces to furnish the space. I can’t wait to relax & enjoy it. I hope your weekend was fruitful & fun!

16 comments on “Turning Our Screened In Porch into an Outdoor Room”

  1. Thanks for the link, Julie! I think the pendant you chose is just perfect. This is going to be such a great space.

  2. Love this! I want an outdoor room!

  3. Love the new look. Makes me want a Southern porch.

  4. Oh, this space is beautiful! I love it!

  5. Gorgeous! I would want to spend every waking hour out there.

  6. I am so jealous it is ridiculous! That is beyond gorgeous 🙂

  7. What a magnificent transformation! I’m certain it will bring you years of joyful memories!

  8. It’s so beautiful, Julie! I can feel the breeze blowing the curtains. 🙂 Seems like a space you could spend hours in. Painting it was such a great choice!

  9. Pure bliss! I might have a little outdoor room jealousy! xo

  10. Hello, This room is just what we needed to do. Our bedroom has varnished ceilings and not sure how to proceed. i have been discouraged as what happens when the boards move and the cracks appear.

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