Guest Bedroom Progress

LAST UPDATED: Apr 25, 2019 | PUBLISHED: Sep 02, 2014 | By: Julie Blanner

The makings of a guest room | a neutral botanical guest bedroom

Since we moved to our home in early July, we have been honored to host 4 sets of guests. As you can imagine, our home is far from organized & nowhere near completion. I’d never let that deter me from welcoming guests & making them feel at home. If they’re close enough for us to extend an invitation, than they’re close enough to see our imperfections without me feeling shame. The guest bedroom at our Colonial was in the basement, based around dark blue carpet. Simply pulling items from that space would leave it feeling cold & the space varies quite a bit. The new guest bedroom has two large windows, requiring curtains, a closet & much more natural light.

The makings of a guest bedroom | a neutral botanical guest bedroom

To prepare the bedroom, I started by pulling from things I already had – the bed, comforter & duvet set from the original guest bedroom, the throw pillow from the master bedroom, a piece of botanical art from the dining room, & lamp from the office. From there, I assessed what was lacking. I was left with a} something organic b} curtains. Not too shabby, right? Both were easy fixes! I created the petite flower arrangement from a couple stems of inexpensive stock & herbs from our garden for a little wispy greenery that also added a pleasant fragrance.

The makings of a guest bedroom | a neutral botanical guest bedroom

Of course it would be nice to hang art, but I’m not ready for a commitment yet. We have so many projects on our list that it’s just not a top priority. I almost find comfort in how relaxed it is just to lay a picture against a wall. We’re planning to purchase a lake cottage this winter, so I’m also not sure what pieces will be staying & which ones will be relocated. I added a succulent & didn’t even take time to pot it. Still, it was a quick & beautiful addition.

decorating with botanicals

Each room is a process. I’ll be sharing more of the guest bedroom as it progresses! So far, I’m loving the neutral color palette of white, cream, greens, yellows & a touch of blue from that pretty striped pillow. What do you think?

The makings of a guest bedroom | a neutral botanical guest bedroom

Here are a few guest bedroom designs from the blogosphere that I’m also loving: Guest Bedroom by Inspired by Charm, Master Bedroom by Nine and Sixteen, a colorful coral guest room from Centstional Girl & the botanical & trophy display in this guest bedroom designed by Holly Mathis.

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We had so much {too much} fun having our friends visit from Kansas City over the holiday weekend. I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day weekend as well & have a beautiful week!