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Easy DIY Flower Arrangements

I’m writing this post on how to arrange fresh flowers not because I’m an expert, but because I’m NOT an expert.  I want you to see that anyone with a few fresh flowers and a few minutes can create a beautiful flower arrangement.

To begin, a few supplies:
vase {get creative, anything can be a vase!} here I used chalice
wet floral foam

Step 1: Cut floral foam to fit in your vase.

Step 2: Fill a sink or large bowl. Set floral foam ON TOP of water and allow it to sink on it’s own.

Step 3: Place your wet foam in the vase. Do not force.
Step 4: Cut and insert your first stem.  Here I started with the greenery because I created wanted to create a base with the dusty miller.  You can also start with a large bloom in the center and work out.
Step 5: Work in a circle, ensuring an even, full, arrangement.

Keep building!  Fill in with more blooms and greenery as needed, working in the circle!

 When in doubt, a single bloom always looks beautiful too, in a short or narrow vase!  Just add water.

When in doubt, use a series of single stems in vases and candlesticks.

7 comments on “Easy DIY Flower Arrangements”

  1. Love this tutorial! Pinning for later!

  2. Thanks Chelsea! I like to keep it simple!

  3. Easy diy flower arrangement are shown on the post here. Read all about it

  4. What were the flowers and leaves you used?

  5. Where did you get a lot of wet flower foam?


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