Learn how to make the sweetest DIY Flower Arrangement in any container you can dream up! This is a simple step by step tutorial that will make any novice floral designer look like a pro.

Get the tools, ingredients and simple guide to create pretty, affordable arrangements from your favorite grocery store blooms.

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I’m writing this post on how to arrange fresh flowers not because I’m an expert, but because I’m NOT an expert.  I want you to see that anyone with a few fresh flowers and a few minutes can create a beautiful flower arrangement.

I’ve written a lot about floral shortcuts, tips and tricks over the years. Flowers bring me so much joy, but I still don’t consider myself an expert… just someone who loves the therapy I get from designing my own arrangements at home.

Learn how to choose Grocery Store Flowers, Where to Buy Flowers, How to Choose Vases, and my favorite Florist Secrets.

Use the drop down Table of Contents menu in this post to help you navigate with ease. You’ll find supplies, the step by step tutorial, and tips!

DIY Flower Arrangement Ingredients

To begin, gather a few supplies:

ingredients for a DIY flower arrangement laid out on a wood surface
  • vase (get creative, anything can be a vase!) here I used a selection of vintage chalices.
  • floral foam
  • scissors
  • knife (for cutting the foam down to size)
  • flowers – we used Dahlias, but you can also use Roses, Ranunculus, Hydrangea, Carnations, or Stock.
  • greenery – we used Dusty Miller. You can also try Eucalyptus, Ruskus or Salal.

DIY Flower Arrangement Tutorial

  1. Cut floral foam to fit in your vase.
  2. Fill a sink or large bowl. Set floral foam ON TOP of water and allow it to sink on its own. A sink with floral foam soaking
  3. Place your wet foam in the vase. Do not force.
  4. Cut and insert your first stem.  Here I started with the greenery because I created wanted to create a base with the dusty miller.  You can also start with a large bloom in the center and work out.
  5. Work in a circle, ensuring an even, full, arrangement.
  6. Keep building!  Fill in with more blooms and greenery as needed, working in the circle!

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A silver vase with pink and white flowers on a table.


  • Anything can be a vase! Get creative and choose something sentimental or something that fits your theme.
  • A single bloom always looks beautiful too, in a short or narrow vase!  Just add water.
  • When in doubt, use a series of single stems in vases and candlesticks.
  • Floral foam makes designing easy, but the flowers won’t last as long. If possible, refrigerate your little DIY flower arrangements until your event.

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