Perfectly Peppermint White Russian

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This Peppermint White Russian recipe is wonderful peppermint drink to enjoy around the holidays. The coffee liqueur, vodka, and half and half compliment the zingy peppermint schnapps to make a festive and delicious peppermint cocktail.

Marble surface with a peppermint white russian, candy cane garnish.

The White Russian cocktail is a classic drink that had its moment of fame in one of my husband’s favorite movies, The Big Lebowski.  This peppermint drink becomes your own festive holiday version of that classic, simply by adding peppermint flavor and a rim of crushed peppermint to an old fashioned glass.

This recipe is easy to convert for serving a crowd, and you can use the new slider conversion tool in my recipes to easily do so. It’s perfect for all your holiday entertaining!

I like to give a lot of detail in my recipe posts to guide readers through any questions. If you’re just here for the printable recipe, feel free to click “jump to recipe” right under the title of this post and you’ll head straight there! 

three clear glasses of peppermint cocktails, garnished with a candy cane.

Peppermint White Russian Ingredients

  • Coffee liqueur is thick and sweet with a distinct coffee flavor. The two most popular varieties of coffee liqueur include Kahlua and Tia Maria, but there are many different varieties available.
  • Vodka is a clear, distilled alcoholic beverage that is a staple in every bar and liquor cabinet
  • Peppermint Schnapps is made from a combination of pure grain alcohol and peppermint leaves. It is a liqueur which has a taste somewhat similar to that of a candy cane.
  • Half and Half provides a creamy texture in my White Russian, with less calories than heavy cream or a coffee creamer. Don’t have half and half? You can substitute with milk!Marble surface with a peppermint white russian, candy cane garnish.
  • Whipped Cream is a fun garnish to add when serving the Peppermint White Russian. Click here for my homemade whipped cream recipe.
  • Crushed peppermint is a staple in my pantry this time of year. I use it in baked goods including my Chocolate Peppermint Cookies and Peppermint Cookies, as well as Salted Peppermint Bark. Crushed candy canes work well! Use crushed peppermint as a garnish on top of whipped cream. Enjoy a festive look by rimming the glasses with crushed peppermint.
  • Simple Syrup is ideal to use when rimming your glasses. It is a clear and sticky and sweet! It only takes 5 minutes to make a batch of this homemade cocktail ingredient using my simple syrup recipe.

Fun fact: If you choose to omit the half and half, cream or milk, you’ve made a Black Russian cocktail!

three clear glasses of peppermint cocktails, garnished with a candy cane.

How to Make a Peppermint White Russian

Clear glass dipping into simple syrup on a white plate for garnishing peppermint drinks.

Start making your Peppermint White Russion by rimming your glass. An old fashioned or highball glass works well.

A clear glass, hand reaching to dip it into crushed peppermint for garnish.

Using two small plates, pour simple syrup onto one and crushed candy canes on the other. First, dip the rim of your glass in the simple syrup, and second, into the crushed peppermint.

Close up shot of a clear glass rimmed with crushed peppermint.

A white counter in a kitchen bar, ingredients for peppermint white russians.

Fill your glass with ice.

In a shaker (or in each individual glass), combine coffee liqueur, vodka and peppermint schnapps. Stir or shake well. Top with a splash of half and half.

A white counter in a kitchen bar, ingredients for peppermint white russians.
A kitchen bar area set up for peppermint cocktails, milk pouring into peppermint white russian glasses.

Garnish with whipped cream and crushed candy canes as you desire.

Peppermint Drink Tips

Peppermint White Russians are a perfect signature cocktail for a party. I always like to serve in a pretty picture (depending on your crowd, always have a back up pitcher in the fridge, too!) Place your ice bucket nearby and guests will serve themselves.

I love preparing the rim of my glasses before guests arrive, and placing them in the bar area near the cocktail pitcher so I am fully prepared! While I love a festive cocktail for parties, I don’t want to be cornered into bar tending when I should be chatting with guests instead.

I place my pre-rimmed glasses on a tray on my bar cart or butlers pantry next to a jar of peppermint sticks or candy canes. Don’t you love when your menu also serves as decor?

three clear glasses of peppermint cocktails, garnished with a candy cane.

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As always, I’d love to hear from you. Are you as excited for fresh peppermint drinks for the holidays as I am?

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Marble surface with a peppermint white russian, candy cane garnish.

Perfectly Peppermint White Russian

Author: Julie Blanner
This Peppermint White Russian is wonderful for the holidays. Coffee liqueur compliments this zingy peppermint drink to make a festive peppermint cocktail.
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Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 0 mins
Total Time 5 mins
Course Drinks
Cuisine American
Servings 1
Calories 220 kcal


  • .75 ounces coffee liqueur
  • .75 ounces vodka
  • .75 ounces peppermint schnapps
  • 1 tablespoon half and half


  • Pour simple syrup into a shallow dish or bowl, and crushed peppermints or candy canes into a second bowl.
  • Dip rim of your glass into simple syrup and then into crushed peppermint.
  • Add ice to rimmed glasses.
  • In an individual glass over the ice, mix the first three ingredients and stir. Add your splash of cream at the end.
  • Garnish and serve accordingly.


  • To finish off your cocktail, top with a dollop of whipped cream and a candy cane for garnish.
  • You can also mix these ingredients in a shaker and pour over ice! Simply reserve half and half for a splash at the end. 
  • It’s so easy to make this recipe for a crowd! Simply use the new slider tool included here to scale it for a pitcher!


Calories:220kcalCarbohydrates:19gProtein:1gFat:2gSaturated Fat:1gCholesterol:6mgSodium:8mgSugar:18gVitamin A:53IUCalcium:16mg
5 from 2 votes
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