Spring Cleaning

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  • An easy-to-tackle spring cleaning checklist to make your home feel fresh.

    spring cleaning list

    As I picked up in attempt to pull our house together after a crazy weekend, I took a look around and realized

    how to spring clean

    our house is filthy. What happened? Seriously, it’s as if it was overnight. Maybe it was the first glimpse of sunshine we’ve had in a while that shed a little light on it, but it’s time to whip this house into shape.

    spring cleaning list

    Black residue from our circle drive seems to find itself on our furniture, rugs and walls.

    spring cleaning checklist

    While it’s gloomy, snowy and a cold 29 degrees today, I’m going to do a little spring cleaning. I thing spring cleaning is best done while you want to spend time indoors rather than when you finally get to experience beautiful spring weather. I’m sharing my spring cleaning list in case your home needs a little TLC, too.

    You can’t print the checklist at the bottom of this page.

    spring cleaning checklist

    what to clean in spring

    Spring Cleaning List:

    1. wipe down kitchen and bathroom cabinets
    2. wipe down light switch plates
    3. wipe down doors with a slightly damp white cloth
    4. wipe down door knobs
    5. wipe furniture down with a damp cloth
    6. clean the interior of refrigerator and freezer
    7. wash duvet covers
    8. wash, dry clean or fluff curtains – ours tend to collect dust and the occasional fingerprints, it’s amazing how fresh curtains can make your home feel fresh. If you don’t want to wash them, a few minutes in the dryer will help as well
    9. wash throws and pillow covers that you’re not updating for spring
    10. clean your washing machine – I use washing machine cleaner {affiliate link} that you just drop in and run a cycle, wipe the doors down with glass cleaner inside and out and wipe down the front of the washer as well
    11. walls – try a white cloth or sponge and a very minimal amount of water first, but if needed use a drop or two of clear dishwashing liquid. This can leave behind a slight sheen, so first weigh which would look better, clean walls or marks where you have wiped them down. On our stairs I do it from wall to wall so no sheen is noticeable.
    12. trim – otherwise know as the dust collector! When possible, use a duster or dry mop. Then use a damp white cloth where needed.
    13. dust light fixtures and bulbs
    14. dust picture frames
    15. polish wood furniture
    16. schedule upholstery cleaning
    17. schedule carpet/rug cleaning
    18. vacuum and wipe down inside kitchen and bathroom drawers
    19. clean window sills using a vacuum attachment

    Get your free printable Spring Cleaning Checklist here.

    Do you do any spring cleaning? What’s on your to do list?

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