How to Style a Bar Cart

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  • How to style a bar cart - the simple tips & tricks to great styling, while keeping it functional for entertaining!
    My bar cart is a transitional piece. I use it as a traditional bar cart when entertaining, but it also makes a great end table, entryway table & currently, a place to store pieces that have yet to find a home since our move. My style tends to be simple. The saying “fashion over function” has never been my philosophy because I feel that style & function should always blend. I enjoy entertaining & like to look at it beyond aesthetics to create an effortless flow for my guests & doing so, often gives me more opportunity to enjoy our guests. I find highly styled bar carts beautiful, but difficult. Have you been to a cocktail party where you’re terrified if you pull the bottle of wine out that you’ll knock over a glass? Or worse, you’ve knocked something over? It defeats the entire purpose of a bar cart & makes me unbelievably nervous! You can style a bar cart with ease for any occasion with these simple tips:

    How to style a bar cart - the simple tips & tricks to great styling, while keeping it functional for entertaining!

    Bar Cart Basics:


    Appropriate glassware

    Cocktail napkins

    Plates & utensils if it’s doubling as an hors d’oeuvres or dessert bar

    Bar Cart Styling:

    Something organic – flowers, branches, fruits, etc give it life

    Detail – it truly is all in the detail. In this cart I used a stag head wine cork {which I gilded, of course}. Little accessories can make a big impact.

    Decor – I tend to choose something pretty & seasonal, but limit it to just a piece or two so that it doesn’t hinder accessibility.

    Tray/bowl – layering is key in all aspects of design. It gives the bar cart a little added depth & in this cart, groups the signature cocktails.

    Height – whether a vase filled with flowers or a lamp, give it height to add interest.

    After I’ve set up the bar cart, I take one last look to ensure everything is functional & accessible. Ready to drink cocktails & decor are best on the lower level, while wine is easier to pour from the top level. See more of this Thanksgiving gathering & decor here!

    I hope you have enjoyed these tips & can incorporate them into your own gatherings! You can find details about my bar cart here.


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