Pretty Linen Closet

LAST UPDATED: Nov 18, 2019 | PUBLISHED: Mar 14, 2013 | By: Julie Blanner

In my quest for an organized life, I’ve been taking our house one closet and one cabinet at a time. Today, I’m sharing my linen closet – before and after. I really debated about sharing the before, because it’s my dirty little secret that still haunts me, but I’m hoping it shows you that a) I’m not perfect and b) that anyone can do it with just a few simple changes.

The linen closet became a catch all and once I became overwhelmed with it, well, it really went downhill. If you’ve been reading my simple guide to an organized life, you already know my tips to an organized closet. After following those quick and easy steps, I found most things didn’t belong here, let alone in our home!

Once I was done sorting, I painted the closet and shelves white to give it a clean backdrop. No more excuses for something going into the abyss!
To make it feel more like furniture, I added metal label holders. I searched high and low to find some that would fit the width of the shelves. These inexpensive adhesive label holders are actually meant for scrapbooking! They were the perfect addition to the linen closet. I will no longer have to unfold sheets to determine their size, a constant issue since I use cream and white sheets in all 3 upstairs bedrooms.
Ready for another confession? I cannot fold a beautiful fitted sheet. Sure, I’ve watched Martha Stewart’s video and have read her tutorial numbers of times, but they never come out perfectly flat. That’s why I opted for baskets. I don’t have to look at my “failures” or worry about how nice I’ve folded them. I found these hyacinth baskets at HomeGoods.
The smaller baskets hold medicine and first aid items that we don’t use often and the other holds items like linen spray, room spray and wrinkle releaser.
Using last year’s dried lavender and an old beauty product bottle, I made a simple arrangement to add a fresh scent to the linen closet. Plus, I needed to something to fill all of that blank space! Who would have thought from the before photo that that would be an issue?
The basket below is to store anything that needs to be ironed. I’ve always been at a loss where to go with items like that before. Since the bottom shelf is still free, I may even add the iron to this closet and purchase a door ironing board to secure on the closet doors as a new space to get the job done. It feels great to have “found” space!
I’d love to hear about your Spring cleaning! Leave me a comment below!

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