Soft Linen Bedding

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  • My favorite linen bedding, in partnership with Annie Selke.

    luxury linen bedding

    As you may recall, I don’t like to make my bed, in fact, I rarely do. I’m not that great at it and as it is, I wake between 5:30-6 to work out. It’s that one thing that I fail to fit into my day.

    linen bedding

    The only time I make our bed is when I do a 10 minute fluff throughout the house before guests come over. I loved our old linen bedding, but it was looking tired and worn. I’ve also learned that not all linen bedding is created equal.

    linen shams and bedding

    When I couldn’t decide what bedding I wanted to use, I turned to you on Instagram and many of you directed me to one of my favorite brands – Annie Selke. You may not be familiar with the name, but you’ve seen their bedding, rugs, home accessories and furniture {I have my eye on a nightstand!} many of which are in our homes.

    linen headboard with linen bedding

    After perusing through the new spring catalog, I selected an ensemble that would be fuss free, but feel pulled together when I make the bed on a whim. Now I’m asking myself “why did I wait so long?”

    Even these little details like tie backs bring me so much joy!

    I’ve spent the last week living it luxury and I never, ever want to go back! A soft linen duvet cover and shams in a subtle blue to hide Dusty’s paw prints, the drapiest blanket and wrinkle resistant Tencel sheets that frankly, I never want to leave. The quilted shams remind me of soft, puffy clouds.linen bedding with quilt draping off

    linen headboard and linen bedding

    The bed skirt is a game changer for our bedroom. It hides the unsightly metal frame seamlessly.

    cream bedroom blue bedding brass light

    It came in 3 panels with pins to insert into the box springs to keep it in position should the mattress shift when changing sheets.

    vintage rug and master bedroom


    master bedroom


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