My Five Favorite Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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Get easy, actionable ideas for taking your kids bedrooms to a whole new level! These simple concepts for decorating children’s bedrooms are fun, efficient and so easy!

Girls bunk bedroom with wood bunk beds and floral bedding.

I’m so excited to do something a little different today – these are my favorite ideas for decorating kids bedrooms.

Let’s hope this motivates me to finish Isla’s big girl room – I have a few visions of wallpaper and lighting, but can’t seem to move forward on anything.

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Girls bunk bedroom with wood bunk beds and floral bedding.

Decorating a kids bedroom is fun because you can infuse their personality while staying true to your design style. We tend to blend function and decor in our home to maximize space and minimize clutter.

Now onto my five favorites!

ONE : Add Art that Feels Special

Meaningful art. I like to add a piece or two of art in each room that has some significance. Adalyn and Ani have pin boards to hang their artwork and hang things they love.

We frequently find Adalyn reworking hers – I love that she takes pride in it and uses it to express herself and personalize her room. We also have pieces like custom word art or a snippet of a map of the lake in the lake cottage kids bedroom.

A white kids bedroom with a desk as a bedside table, pink chair.
Girls bunk bedroom with wood bunk beds and floral bedding.


Blend old and new. Blending old and new gives a kids bedroom another layer of interest. For each of the girls’ bedrooms we purchase pieces on Craigslist and painted them in Pottery Barn Kids subtle off white.
I tend to love older designs {which so many new are based off of} and furniture constructed of solid wood.

Kids are so hard on furniture and I want their bedrooms to be as stress free as possible. This keeps me from panicking when that permanent marker somehow manages to find it’s way to one of their rooms!

I also love a beautiful chandelier in a kids bedroom. It elevates the space, don’t you think?

This particular chandelier was an estate sale find in the neighborhood. Our home likely had the same or similar originally so I’d like to think we’re restoring the house to its original integrity.

A white kids bedroom with a desk as a bedside table, pink chair.
A white kids bedroom with a vintage chandelier, pink curtains and floral wall art.

THREE: Add a Teepee

A teepee. I love functional decor and there’s nothing more magical than having a teepee to play in – especially when it’s in the corner of your bedroom.

The girls use it as their reading nook. It’s easy to make with a painter’s drop cloth – learn how here.

Three little girls inside a homemade canvas teepee.
a homemade canvas teepee with pillows inside for a kids bedroom reading nook.

FOUR : Add Blackout Curtains

Blackout Curtains. I’m not sure which changed my life more – blackout curtains or learning how to properly hang ready made curtains!

We discovered them when Adalyn was just a year old and my what a difference they make! Blackout curtains help the girls get their rest and happy babes make for a happy mama!

Soft pink velvet curtains in a white kids bedroom.
Three little girls looking out a window in a white kids bedroom, dog to the side.

FIVE : Organize the Closet

An organized closet! Adalyn likes to be organized, she clearly inherited our Type A personalities. Chris lowered her closet system and painted it white.

We filled it with baskets to organize her craft supplies, books, American Girl Doll wardrobe and more.

Looking inside a kids closet organization with basket storage.
Looking inside a kids bedroom closet organization with basket storage.

I hope you enjoyed my five favorite kids bedroom ideas!

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