DIY Coat Hook

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DIY Coat Hook on a paddle
We needed decor for our guest bedroom as well as somewhere for guests to hang their towels, etc.  The solution was an oar coat hook.  I found one at a craft store, but it was small and inauthentic. We live a few hours away from major lakes, and thousands of miles from the ocean, so my attempts at finding a rustic oar in thrift shops and antique stores failed.  That doesn’t mean I didn’t get what I wanted though!  I created the illusion in just a half hour for less than $25.
DIY Coat Hook on a paddle
A vase with flowers in front of a mirror
I purchased the oar at a sporting goods store and painted it using this technique.  Using my hand sander, I nicked the wood in a few places and strategically sanded a few edges down.
A scratch in white paint
A scratch in white paint
Of course all of these projects are done during nap time or after bedtime, so pardon the poor lighting!  Using an electric drill and screwdriver, we screwed the hooks in on the handle of the oar.
Drilling a hole in the coat hook
Hook on nails
I found some rustic nails in the toolbox.  We drilled holes into the studs and then used the nails to secure it.  It may be my favorite piece of the room, but I don’t know.  I love it all!
a coat hook on a paddle
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DIY coat hook for entryway
A reader recently asked how I made the little creation that was in a photograph of another diy project. Not to disappoint, I am providing you with a diy coat hook project that is not only pretty, but functional too.
DIY coat hook for entryway or mudroom
1. Purchase or repurpose a frame and if necessary, paint to the color of your choice.  I found this frame, originally olive green, from my Grandma.
2. Cut a piece of wood to fit snugly inside of the frame.
3. Decoupage your favorite scrapbooking paper or map to the board.  I found this green and white flourish paper at Paper Source.
4. Space and mark {in pencil} where you would like your hooks.  I used metal hooks found at Hobby Lobby.  With an electric screwdriver, drill them into the board.
5. Push the board into the frame and hang!
diy coat hook