What to Include in a Guest Bath

LAST UPDATED: Apr 25, 2019 | PUBLISHED: Jun 29, 2012 | By: Julie Blanner
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With family and friends scattered throughout the country, we are often fortunate to have guests from out of town. We love to make our guests feel at ease.  Unfortunately, not all homes are set up to have a private guest suite or even a standard guest room. Sometimes it’s about making do with what you have. I wanted to share with you how I design a guest bath {and guest bedroom} with what you have.
Now before you judge, I’m not touting this as the perfect bath.  Just a place exclusive for our guests to use and feel comfortable. Our basement had a bathroom – a very scary bathroom full of crumbled ceiling tiles, a yellowed and dirty shower and it was full of cheap gold accents.  I wasn’t sure if we could “fix it up” without spending a significant amount of money, but with a weekend of energy, we did it!  Unfortunately, I neglected to take any before photos.
I like to include conveniences of home mixed with spa like elements.  How many times have you left town forgetting conditioner or toothpaste?  I’ve included body wash, shampoo and conditioner in a convenient metal basket that I’ve had for at least 10 years.  Above it, a serene pencil image by Chris in a white frame.  Simple.
In the cabinet, extra toilet paper along with some basics – toothpaste, floss, lotion, and a razor.  A toothbrush and ibuprofen are also nice to include.  Don’t forget to add a hair dryer.  Of course you’ll also want to include all of the bath basics like hand soap, a trash can and a hand towel as well.
Whether you place them in the guest bedroom, or in the guest bath, fresh towels and washcloths should be laid out for convenience.  In a small bath, a hook is nice to have so guests have a place to put their towel while they shower.
We replaced the standard shower head with an inexpensive rain shower head to provide a spa like experience.  The shower is small, but maybe it will be a little more enjoyable!
If you have time, include fresh flowers.  They’re very inviting and help guests overlook lack of windows.
We replaced ceiling tiles, painted {Knitting Needles from Sherwin Williams}, cleaned, cleaned again and yet again.  We caulked, we cleaned, we replaced the faucet with a new fixture, updated the hardware on the cabinets, replaced the toilet paper holder, towel hook, etc, fixed the vent fan and someday, we will add new flooring.  Rather than replacing the light fixture, we removed the gold rings and spray painted them chrome to match the rest of the new hardware.  Inexpensive and easy!

While very inexpensive, it was a lot of work, but worth it in the end!  We hope our guests will feel comfortable staying in our home and overlook that they’re in a basement!  This bathroom has since received a new floor – coming soon!