Ready to feel inspired? Get all my best Christmas centerpiece ideas right here in one place! You’ll find spectacular Christmas table centerpieces that anyone can make… even a beginner!

These are fun, inexpensive ideas that can generally be created out of my favorite Grocery Store Flowers. There’s something for every budget and most can be accomplished in under 10 minutes!

Enjoy this festive round-up, including a tutorial for the easiest hydrangea and berry centerpiece that makes a great gift or centerpiece, too.

A white centerpiece with red berry accents on a white table runner, which is on a wooden table.
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Since my earliest years of entertaining, I have always enjoyed creating my own centerpieces for holidays and occasions. Flowers bring me so much joy, and the simple act of creating something beautiful is a true pleasure.

Much like my comprehensive guide to simple Thanksgiving Table Settings and Fall Centerpieces, I knew it was time to round up all of my favorite inspiration for readers! This complete resource to creating DIY Christmas centerpieces will serve as a one stop shop for all your creative holiday needs!

I truly love sharing my love for flowers with you! This post is a round-up to all of my favorite Christmas table settings and centerpieces over the years, but I hope it also serves as a great guide for all of your floral adventures.

christmas centerpieces on table

You’ll find information about where to buy flowers, find vases and tools, florist secrets, and so much more!

There are two sections of centerpieces in this post… Easiest and Elevated. If you’re looking for the simplest options, start in the easiest category. If you’re ready to take on something a little more intensive, try the beautiful ideas in the elevated section!

I’ve even included a tutorial for the simplest hydrangea and berry Christmas centerpiece, so stick around for the step by step DIY at the bottom of this post!

The Easiest Christmas Centerpieces

These ideas are so easy, anyone can make them! I promise!

  • Red and Green Garland Centerpiece – Truly, a store bought garland doesn’t get easier! Add blooms and place it down the center of your table for the easiest centerpiece ever. classic Christmas decorating ideas
  • Winter Flowers – This is another deconstructed garland, with pretty bits and blooms tucked in for a warm, low centerpiece that’s easy to chat around. non-traditional Christmas colors, winter flowers
  • Simple Holiday Centerpiece of low, lush greenery using pillar candles and chocolate. Yes, chocolate! step by step instructions to create a beautiful centerpiece from grocery store flowers
  • DIY Christmas Flowers – this is the easiest way to create a long-lasting centerpiece, full of dried fruit and fresh greens. Create a beautiful holiday centerpiece with this step-by-step tutorial
  • DIY Berry and Pinecone Centerpiece for Christmas – this classic, long lasting centerpiece starts with a tray and ends with a fragrant, beautiful low centerpiece for your table. A berry and pinecone centerpiece with a candle in the middle on a farm table.
  • Pretty Poinsettias – Simply disassemble a gorgeous poinsettia from your local garden center and you’ve got incredible color all the way down the table. Julie Blanner shares her Christmas entertaining tips with Souther Living magazine, including this 5 minute diy Christmas centerpiece using a poinsettia! See more of this same look and style but in white, in our Christmas Dining Room! neutral Christmas dining room with simple decorations
  • 5 Minute Table Setting – I initially made this centerpiece for fall, but it works equally as well for Christmas and winter in general. The fragrance is incredible! A 5 minute Christmas centerpiece recipe made with items from your home
  • Potting Paperwhites – Some folks love paperwhites and some can’t stand the fragrance. If you’re team paperwhites, why not pot some for the holidays and use them as a centerpiece when guests are coming? neutral winter table setting with potted paperwhites
  • DIY Birch Vase – make this gorgeous birch vase (it’s simpler than you’d think) and fill it with beautiful blooms in this tutorial. A simple winter table setting with berries & birch

Elevated Christmas Centerpiece Inspiration

  • A Blue Christmas Table Setting – These are monochromatic stunners, full of beautiful refined elegance. Dining room with wooden table and chairs set with a blue christmas table setting.
  • Spectacular Red and Pink Christmas Arrangements – these are lush and fragrant, bursting with blooms. Slightly more complex than my easy 10 minute centerpieces, but still something that anyone can accomplish! small christmas centerpieces
  • DIY Christmas Wreath – while I created this wreath to be used on the wall, it works equally as well when surrounding a candle or tray as a holiday centerpiece!
  • How to Make a Centerpiece for a Long Table – these gorgeous little arrangements, interspersed with charming taper candles, will fill your table with an incredible glow.
lifestyle blogger Julie Blanner shares a step-by-step tutorial to learn how to make a centerpiece for a long table for any occasion

Tools, Tutorials and More

Often, when you’re beginning on the path of floral design, you’ll realize that while tools aren’t totally necessary, they can certainly be helpful!

Here are my favorite posts with floral techniques and guidelines that can help you get started, along with the most basic of tools.

Find my favorite floral design tools in my Amazon Shop. It’s full of inspiration and some of my best finds!

A far shot of white flowers with berry accents in a small vase on a wooden table.

Easy DIY Christmas Centerpiece Tutorial

During the holidays, berries are plentiful whether you find them in your own backyard, or the grocery store. I think they add a simple touch of holiday and color to your home and wanted to incorporate them in a flower arrangement.

As I’ve mentioned before, hydrangeas make a great base to any floral arrangement, are great alone, and are substantial to fill a centerpiece.  The perfect flower for beginners!  

A close up of a green plant, the stem being touched with someone's fingertips.
  1. I always start by removing the leaves that will be below the base of the vase, then cut my stems to length.  The taller the stems, the more you will need to fill the arrangement.
  2. Once I added all of the hydrangea, I cut the berries to a slightly higher length, so they would just stand out.  I removed all of the leaves for once centerpiece and left a few for the other.
  3. Insert the berries into the hydrangea {vs between them} for a fuller look.  Continue working around in a circle adding as needed.
A person holding red berry accents to put into white flowers.
Light and dark red berry accents in white flowers.

I made the larger centerpiece, above, pretty full – six hydrangea and six hypericum berry stems.

The smaller centerpiece below, has just three hydrangea and three berry stems with the leaves removed.

A far shot of white flowers with berry accents in a small vase on a wooden table.

What are your thoughts? Do you enjoy creating your own holiday centerpieces as much as I do? I’d love to hear from you!

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More Holiday Inspiration

Light and dark red berry accents in white flowers.

Easy Hydrangea Christmas Centerpiece

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 2 minutes
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 12 minutes


  • Hydrangrea
  • Hypericum Berries
  • Vase


  • Clippers or floral scissors


    1. Begin by removing the leaves that will be below the base of the vase, then cut my stems to length.
    2. Once you add all of the hydrangea, cut the berries to a slightly higher length, so they would just stand out.
    3. Insert the berries into the hydrangea {vs between them} for a fuller look.  
    4. Continue working around in a circle adding as needed.


    • Hydrangea and hypericum are both regularly available at grocery stores, but feel free to replace with blooms that are scaled similarly if that's what you prefer, or what's available.
    • The taller the stems, the more you will need to fill the arrangement.
    • Experiment with color! Hydrangea is available in blue, pinks, purples, greens, whites and more. Hypericum is varied as well, in pinks, reds, greens, beige and other vivid colors!

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    1. I don’t use anything – with the greens I stack and then trim the last set up to the leaves and stack those to cover. Then with the flowers I insert the stems into the stems of the greens. Does that make sense?

    2. I’m sorry, disregard my previous response – I thought you were referring to this week’s centerpiece. I trim them down so the blooms fall just above the vase and the berries nestle into the flowers. Enjoy!

  1. That’s pretty stunning. I like your floral centerpiece idea. The cranberries did it 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!