Christmas Centerpiece

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During the holidays, berries are plentiful whether you find them in your own backyard, or the grocery store. I think they add a simple touch of holiday and color to your home and wanted to incorporate them in a flower arrangement.
As I’ve mentioned before, hydrangeas make a great base to any floral arrangement, are great alone, and are substantial to fill a centerpiece.  The perfect flower for beginners!  I always start by removing the leaves that will be below the base of the vase, then cut my stems to length.  The taller the stems, the more you will need to fill the arrangement.
Once I added all of the hydrangea, I cut the berries to a slightly higher length, so they would just stand out.  I removed all of the leaves for once centerpiece and left a few for the other.
Insert the berries into the hydrangea {vs between them} for a fuller look.  Continue working around in a circle adding as needed.
I made the larger centerpiece pretty full – 6 hydrangea and 6 berry stems.
The smaller centerpiece below, has just 3 hydrangea and 3 berry stems with the leaves removed.

I was able to create both of these in just 10 minutes!


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