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Pretty Poinsettias

Southern Living Christmas entertaining & table setting from entertaining expert Julie Blanner

Last month, I traveled to a gorgeous area in North Carolina & had the opportunity to visit a greenhouse that grows poinsettias. As I was enjoying dinner among the beautiful sea of red poinsettias, I started looking at them in a different light. I began dreaming of how I could give the traditional flower a new look & incorporate it into our home. If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you already know that I created another one of my 5 minute centerpieces from just one plant. They’re bold, bright & beautiful & when paired with my soft neutrals, wintery perfection! While I think they would have fit gorgeously in the December issue of Southern Living, it’s me who was featured, sharing some of my entertaining tips with Tervis. Today’s entertaining tip is to make a statement, without a fuss!

Julie Blanner shares her Christmas entertaining tips with Souther Living magazine, including this 5 minute diy Christmas centerpiece using a poinsettia!

I spent nearly 12 years planning weddings & events. One of the most difficult things I had to do was to try to make the most of a floral budget to make an impact because flowers are so costly! A tip I’ve been sharing for years {but let’s not look back at those photographs, alright} is to use plants versus fresh cut flowers. You’ll save at least 50% by cutting those blooms yourself. You never see fresh cut poinsettias though! Deconstructing them gives them an entirely different aesthetic & is quite stunning.

Here’s the recipe for a deconstructed poinsettia centerpiece:

1 poinsettia plant {usually around $5}

Get the recipe to create a gorgeous poinsettia centerpiece for just $5!

bud vases



  1. Identify your best blooms – we’re hoping for 5+! I do this in-store.
  2. Cut the stem at the base of the plant. Remove all green leaves, even when blended with the red. Did you know that poinsettias are naturally green & forced red? Step by step tutorial to create a gorgeous  holiday centerpiece with just 1 poinsettia
  3. Rinse your stems carefully, not to damage the red blooms. This will remove most of the white milky substance from cutting them.
  4. Fill your “vases” with water. Cut your stems so that the blooms sit on top, straight up, but long enough it looks like the blooms are standing in the glassware. Easy DIY Christmas centerpiece - get the recipe!
  5. Arrange them! Depending on how many guests you’re expecting, you may want to make a table runner or group them together. I mixed them in with tapers as well!

DIY Poinsettia centerpiece & entertaining tips with Southern Living magazine

A casual Christmas place setting -  get the effortless entertaining details

How to create a stunning centerpiece on a budget.

Lifestyle blogger & entertaining expert Julie Blanner shares her tips for effortless entertaining with Southern Living

Tervis Entertaining Collection tumblers - casual & elegant Christmas entertaining

Another great tip is to mix & match drinkware if you don’t have enough. A blend of drinkware adds interest to the table! I used my new Entertaining Collection Tumblers by Tervis® & garnished the tumblers with miniature candy canes. I later filled them to the brim with hot cocoa, which my guests enjoyed all evening since the collection keeps drinks nice and hot (or cold).

Casual Christmas entertaining - a pretty pacesetting with cinnamon sticks & candy canes

Southern Living Christmas - effortless entertaining tips from lifestyle blogger Julie Blanner


Note: Did you know that poinsettias are not poisonous? Here is one of the many articles debunking the myth.

Deconstructed poinsettias - easy flower recipes from entertaining expert Julie Blanner

Pick up the December issue for more of my favorite entertaining ideas!

Southern Living Christmas entertaining & table setting from entertaining expert Julie Blanner

I’ve partnered with Southern Living magazine & Tervis to give one lucky reader two four-packs of Tervis Entertaining Collection Tumblers {like you see here} in the color of their choice! You can also visit every day through 12/24 to enter the Great Big Christmas Giveaway for a chance to win great prizes, including a set of Entertaining Collection Tumblers!

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Good luck!


42 comments on “Pretty Poinsettias”

  1. Hi Julie 🙂
    I am really loving your 5 minute centerpieces.
    They are both beautiful and approachable with I suppose is
    my favorite way to entertain!

  2. I love the way this looks! I went and purchased some poinsettias for my home also. It looks so festive and chic.

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  4. I love hosting game night with an international food theme.

  5. Since I went to Kansas State, I would LOVE the purple tumblers. And the centerpieces you made are such a good idea!

  6. These are beautiful! I love the simple elegance of them, except my cat would probably eat poinsettas…so I’d have to do something else instead! Fresh pine or wintry herbs? xo

  7. Cute idea! I can’t do poinsettias because they’re poisonous to my pets, but I’d love to try this with a different plant!

  8. I love the simplicity and colors featured in your poinsettia ensemble! My favorite entertaining idea is offering my guests the opportunity to borrow a book from my “library” as a party favor – I have tons of books in my home and I enjoy sharing the literary happiness.

  9. i really love this idea! we do something similar with fake plants because our cat will eat pretty much anything. glad to know that poinsettias being posion is a mith!

  10. I love entertaining with a buffet where everyone can serve themselves, giving me time to mingle.

  11. I like the idea of a buffet- that seems cool, and a game night.

  12. I love to decorate with things my children have made. I also like to have a small gift for the guests with their name on it – usually just a note or something. Thank you!

  13. I love having little gifts for my guests to take home with them.

  14. I like to have a appertizer area, dessert area and family style meal.

  15. Baked potato parties!

  16. I enjoy having a potluck dinner, it’s nice to try new foods and less work is nice too.

  17. My favorite entertaining idea is instead of flowers, make seasonal produce the center of attention on the table.

  18. Putting tea light candles on upside down wine glasses.

  19. I love to entertain with fresh flowers and you always share such good ideas for tabletops.

  20. Make personalized name cards.

  21. I love using candles to decorate. Thanks

  22. I love the idea of mixing and matching drinkware to create interest.

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  24. I like mixing the dinnerware. I never seem to have enough. I like to make my dinners buffet style. It works well with everyone especially kids.

  25. I like to have fondue, it gives us something to talk about while we eat!

  26. I love having potlucks where everyone brings a dish and then it’s dinner buffet style

  27. My favorite entertaining idea was making a mini spice material tree for every guest. I used some holiday material and glued it on a Styrofoam cone. I then cut and filled enough material mini ornaments and filled them with spices. I glued them onto the tree cone and on the top of the tree I used cinnamon sticks to make a star. It was festive and the room smelled so good.

  28. Music is a great way to break the ice for other houseguests while your busy getting dinner ready.

  29. I love using fresh flowers in my decorating

  30. I really like the pomegranate Christmas table setting. It has a very rustic appeal and, though I have always loved pomegranates, I would have never thought of using them this way.

  31. I usually have appetizers and A nice drink waiting for my guests.

  32. How long will they last before they start to wilt in the water?

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