DIY Birch Vase

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Transform a log from a birch tree into a stunning DIY centerpiece with this simple birch wood vase tutorial!

This past spring, I kept waiting and waiting for my favorite birch tree to bud, but it didn’t make it through the winter. I have always loved the silvery white bark of a birch tree – it reminds me of the logs my Grandma had stacked next to her fireplace when I was growing up.

Winter perfection - berries + birch!

Birch bark also reminds me of the holidays. I love incorporating the logs as part of my Christmas decor, whether they are stacked in the fireplace, added to a planter with evergreens or even as part of a Christmas table setting.

Since the birch tree in our yard was going to have to be removed, I decided to use some of it for a few creative projects. One of them was this simple birch vase.

hole drilled into the center of a birch log to create a vase

I love the simplicity of this vase on, yet it adds a striking touch. It’s the perfect neutral tone to work with any style of decor. I’m particially partial to the pop of red from the berries, though, which really serve as a pretty wintery arrangement.

A homemade vase like this would also make such a beautiful gift. Even more so if it the wood came from somewhere significant, like a from a family member’s tree.


  • a birch log (or any other type of wood)
  • tri-flute drill bit
  • saw
  • sand paper

How to Make a Birch Vase

  1. Cut to Size – Saw a piece of branch down to the height needed. 10 to 14 inches is appropriate for a vase.
  2. Drill a Hole – Using the drill bit, drill a wide hole until about 2″ from the base of the branch.
  3. Sand – Sand the top to give it a smooth, beautiful finish.

Optional: Insert a glass vase or waterproof the interior if you plan to add fresh flowers.

Tablesetting with the birch vase as the centerpiece

While I’m sad that my favorite tree is no longer, I’m happy to see it repurposed into something beautiful for my home that will continue to bring happy memories for many more years.

It fits seamlessly into this birch Christmas table setting which is casual and simple – how we often entertain!

christms table setting with neutral table cloth, branches and pinecones

In lieu of a traditional table cloth, I used a piece of osnaburg. It imitates linen, without the expense. I never iron it and if there’s a hard to remove stain, I toss it without a second thought!

berries in a birch vase

Rinsed pinecones from the yard make great place card holders for each place setting. I like to add pillows to each of the end arm chairs to add another layer and comfort.

A simple winter table setting with berries & birch

As seen on Better Homes and Gardens! Click here to see more Christmas table setting ideas!

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DIY Birch Vase

Yield: 1 vase
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

A simple but striking vase made from a birch log


  • 1 birch log
  • sandpaper


  • saw
  • tri-flute drill bit


  1. Cut the birch log to the desired height for the vase.
  2. Using the tri-flute drill bit, drill a hole in the center of the log until it's approximately 2 inches above the base.
  3. Sand the drilled edges for a smooth finish.
  4. If using real flowers, place a glass container inside the vase or line it with plastic, first.
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