I’m doing something a little different this Christmas

LAST UPDATED: Sep 03, 2020 | PUBLISHED: Dec 09, 2015 | By: Julie Blanner

A simple and beautiful Christmas bedroom

I’m not sure what has gotten into me, I assure you that I haven’t gone completely overboard, but I decorated our bedroom for Christmas. I always add a little Christmas decor to the girls’ room, but this is definitely a first for me. Maybe it’s that I’m not in love with a lot of our furniture and that our carpet is beyond the need of being replaced. I just couldn’t help myself. The tree has yet to be decorated and the front porch is bare, but our bedroom is decorated and I’m content. Of course I kept it simple with just a few additions {and subtractions}. Here’s a peek into our Christmas bedroom.

Christmas bedroom decorations

It all started with the magnolia garland that we used in the dining room last Christmas. As you know, I love versatile pieces and garland is definitely one of them. I paired it with my favorite brass lamp on the dresser for a little understated decor.

Simple Christmas decorating ideas

Each December, I stock up on boxwood wreaths for the year at Trader Joe’s. They sell 22″ fresh boxwood wreaths for just $9.99. I preserve them and enjoy them through the holidays and beyond. A boxwood and candle is really all I need. Simplicity, friends.

A simple and beautiful Christmas bedroom

And well, then I came across this pretty pattern and thought it couldn’t hurt to add a couple of shams, right? I love the holiday color, but it’s a simple addition that requires little effort and storage until next year.

A simple and beautiful Christmas bedroom

Christmas bedroom decorating

I’m really excited to work on our master bedroom after the holidays, but for now, our Christmas bedroom makes me feel happy and at peace. Do you decorate your bedroom for the holidays?


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