Screened Porch | The Art of a Mini-Makeover

LAST UPDATED: Apr 03, 2020 | PUBLISHED: Aug 22, 2014 | By: Julie Blanner

Screened porch - learn how to decorate an outdoor space

We are slowly making progress on our new home. We’ve been adjusting to the new space & seeing how they flow, how we use them. While I’d love to jump in & have the home decorated & completed, it’s unrealistic & won’t give the home the warmth & charm I want. I love pieces with a story, design with function. The fun is in the process. I started our first project – a mini screened porch makeover. For the longest time, I had set unrealistic expectations for myself that to reveal a space, if had to be completed. That’s not a reality for many & it isn’t for me. Between the kids, work & everyday life, there’s only so much I can accomplish & budgets are always a factor as well. I’m proud of how we transformed this room & made it feel cozy in just a nap time.

Screened porch - learn how to decorate an outdoor space

We fell in love with our apple trees when we moved in. To be honest, our crabapple – apple trees. I’m not sure how, but we were told that an apple took into the root system of an existing crabapple tree! I just love the charm they add to our home. It makes our suburban address feel a little more country. We wanted to embrace that feeling & tie it into our love for California wine country. After all, this is where we’ll be sharing a bottle of wine after the girls go to bed.

Screened porch - learn how to decorate an outdoor space
I like to treat our exterior spaces like our interior spaces, with curtains, rugs, accessories & decor. We started the makeover with by making custom curtain rods to fit the porch impeccably in one of my favorite metals – copper. I’ll be sharing the step-by-step tutorial Monday! I didn’t want to hinder the view, but wanted to define the space, so I selected sheer tab top curtain panels. They’re soft & wispy, making the space feel romantic. I ordered them in 96″ length to create a puddle.

Screened porch - learn how to decorate an outdoor space

My love for Sonoma doesn’t end with wine. The olive trees are just as gorgeous as grape vines. They’re leaves are subtle, yet reflect light. I keep a small olive tree in our kitchen, but didn’t think I’d successfully maintain one outdoors in Missouri. I found a life-like olive tree & placed it in a basket in the corner so that it doesn’t catch wind. I try to add something organic to every space – if I can’t, I fake it 🙂

faux olive tree | decorating an outdoor space

I recently discovered a maker on Instagram, Copper & Torch & found these unbelievably gorgeous handmade copper frames. I had to have them! I included grape botanicals for quick, effortless & replaceable art since it’s still outdoors.

Decorate an outdoor space to make it feel like an extension of your home. Beautiful copper frame by Copper & Torch

After we paint, we’d love to add furniture & a chandelier or lantern, but I’m completely content with the screened in porch! It’s amazing what a few hours can do!

How to make an exterior space like a porch or a patio an extension of your home

I repurposed the rug from the finished basement at our previous home, the table from my office & rocking chairs from the front porch.

How to decorate a screened in porch, patio or deck

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The pretty little pot is just one of many I picked up during a visit to St. Helena a couple years ago.

Beautiful copper picture frame created by Copper & Torch

Learn how to give an exterior space warmth & make it feel like an extension of your home

This project was a minimal investment of time, but I’m still feeling accomplished! We see this space as our family room, sunroom, dining room & deck, so it makes a big impact on our home. We had it painted in October & it’s even dreamier…

Tips for decorating a screened in porch to make it feel like an extension of your home

You can see the completed screened in porch here. You can also see the before and after pictures here.