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Why I Selected Patterned Carpet

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Tips to select patterned carpet and why it may be the right choice for your home.

everything you need to know about patterned carpet

When designing the lake cottage, we wanted to create a modern, airy retreat that would feel warm and comfortable. I love wood floors, but there’s just something cozy about the softness of carpet on foot that appealed to me for this home.

Carpet also eliminates the need for rugs, which is an added layer to clean in a space that we want to spend all of our time relaxing in. So, we turned to patterned carpet!

what is patterned carpet

Patterned Carpet uses a variation of color or yarn height {a high and low loop} to achieve a pattern. The added layer of pattern and texture add both warmth and interest to a room. One of the greatest perks of patterned carpet is that it can used alone or layered with a rug like we did in the entryway for added protection in a high traffic area.

where to use patterned carpet

We used patterned carpet in our living room, bedrooms, halls, basement and stairs.  When properly installed, patterned carpet looks beautiful on steps and is the perfect alternative to wood treads with a runner.

patterned carpet

Why I Selected Patterned Carpet:

  • design adds interest to a room
  • texture adds warmth to a room
  • patterns highlight a light color while disguising stains from a low color
  • can be used for a traditional or modern aesthetic
  • disguises wear and tear
  • minimal footprints and vacuum marks

why choose patterned carpet

To show you how patterned carpet can bring a room up to date, below is a before and after photo.




How to Choose Patterned Carpet:

Choose a design that speaks to you. Order samples so that you can see, touch, and feel it. Place it up against your trim so you can see how it will fit with your existing wall color. Test it in several areas including a dark hall and near a window to see which color is right for you and see how it changes during various lighting situations throughout day and evening.

Patterned Carpet requires a lot of attention to detail to install, so I highly recommend a skilled professional. More about that coming soon!

patterned carpet and wallpaper

Do you love patterned carpet?

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4 comments on “Why I Selected Patterned Carpet”

  1. Very nice!! I love the pattern and it is a very light color which means you can put any decor with it!!

  2. I love a patterned carpet, but our pup has picked ours in several places causing runs. Poor little guy. His teeth or paws snag when he is playing. No more cut and loop piles for us. Hubby has said it is cut only for the replacement and it is impossible to find a pattern in a cut pile. Oh well…I suppose I do love my pup more than carpet, but the designer in me is cringing. Lol! The pattern looks sooooooo good! 

    • Oh no! I had a patterned carpet that did the same, it definitely depends on the weave. I actually tested the sample. Our installer left remnants behind in case of repairs, while a repair is never perfect, a skilled installer should be able to do it. I would also contact the carpet manufacturer to see if there is any warranty.

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