How to Purchase and Install Carpet Flooring

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I’m proud to partner with Lowe’s to take the guesswork out of selecting, buying and installing wall to wall carpet.

Tips and tricks to select, purchase and install carpet flooring, without the stress.

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You may not notice from room reveals, but a lot of thought and planning goes into each space – including a lot of overthinking. Carpet is a huge decision that can easily transform your home, so selecting the right style, color and product is important.

Fortunately, Lowe’s makes the process effortless. I would know – we have installed carpet in four homes now, for a total of five times {thanks to a little flood}. Use this guide to take the guesswork out of selecting, purchasing and installing carpet.

patterned wall to wall carpet flooring

How to Select Carpet Flooring:

Consider location (for wear and tear), material, construction and upkeep. This carpet buying guide will help you narrow it down.

carpet flooring in hall

How to Purchase and Install Carpet Flooring:

  1. Shop in store and online to narrow down the best product for your lifestyle and aesthetic. Your timeline may also factor into what you select – some carpets are always in stock and can be installed in days or a couple weeks while others are special order and may take slightly longer. I absolutely love Stainmaster because it stands up to our family. In fact, less than 24 hours after we installed the carpet shown in these photos, our oldest daughter came down with a stomach bug {after indulging in a cherry snow cone} and put it to the test. It’s even backed by a warranty!
  2. Select your favorite style {berber, shag, pattern, plush, or texture} and order samples so that you can touch and feel them.
  3. With the help of your local Lowe’s, choose the best pad for your needs and carpet selection.
  4. Order your favorite pattern in your favorite colors. Place the sample against your moulding so that you can see how the carpet plays with your wall color. Test it in the morning, afternoon and evening in various locations of your home.
  5. Schedule a carpet measure. Within a few days, someone will measure your home and send a diagram for your approval. Once approved, you can order your carpet. You can read more about carpet measure here!
  6. When the carpet arrives in store, Lowe’s will contact you to schedule a date that is convenient for you for your installation.
  7. To prepare for your install, remove headboards, unplug and move any electronics, lamps, and pillows. They’ll move the furniture for you!
  8. Your friendly installation team will take care of the rest!
wall to wall carpet flooring

The Lowe’s carpet experience is stress-free, every time!

carpet flooring living room

You can read more about our patterned carpet and see how it transformed our living room into a modern living room here and get the complete before and after Lake Cottage tour here.

As you can see, since it’s our weekend home, we selected a lighter wall to wall carpet. The lake cottage doesn’t receive heavy wear and tear, but for safety’s sake, we selected Stainmaster, with easy to clean fibers. You may also notice we have a basket at the door for shoes and a boot tray outside the kitchen door which keeps dirt to a minimum.

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